Project proposals
* The project proposals must be submitted in written form and in the following form:
   1. Information about the Proposer

(This is the place where you write your personal information, the rest will be completed by the association.)

   2. Information about the Project

         2.1 Project title
(Write the full title of your project)

         2.2 Background
(Write the reasons why is this project needed)

         2.3 General/Specific Objectives of the Project  
(Write the general and the specific objectives of your project, what is your aim)

         2.4 Target Beneficiaries of the Project
(Who will benefit from this project, mention everybody that my be effected)

         2.5 Implementation Methodology
(Explain all the steps of the project, tell exactly who will do what in exactly which time)

         2.6 Evaluation Method
(Who will evaluate this project and in what way)

         2.7 Estimated Implementation Time-frame
(Propose a period of implementation of this project)

        2.8 Project Sustainability/Donor Relations 
(Have you approached any other organization with this project and what was their response?)

         2.9 Budget
(Make a budget for every expenses that may occur while implementing the project, include the voluntary contributions and all other expenses)

   3. Team
(Compose a list of people that would work on this project)
You can submit your proposals online, or in hard copy in our office 400.02 at SEE University
for online submission
click here
*The ILSA Chapter in Macedonia will support all quality projects that will encourage young lawyers and    law students cooperate. It will also support projects that include inter-organizational cooperation with similar students' organizations
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