Recent News About The Independent Live Steamers Website and etc
The Introduction Page is up and running. If any member would like to add any more information to the page email me and i will add it.

The second page of the Independent Live Steamers is going to go under some construction. Please bare with me as I make these changes. You may not be able to access this website some days due to the fact that it is going under construction.

Kenny Kings Railroad has been added under the Members Track Section. Track Plan has been added and photo's to follow soon. To Check it out go to The Operation Page and Click On Members Tracks

Meet Notice: The 20th Annual Shermansdale Valley Meet will be held Saturday June 26 and Sunday June 27. Bring your 1" Scale Equipment to operate. Caterer will be present for food and refreshments. RSVP Apperciated!

Sound Has Been Added To The HomePage And To The Second Page Of The Website. Turn Up Your Volume On Your Computer To Here The New Sound. If You Have And Comments Please Email Me At

Trying SomeThing New, Photo Of The Month
Any Member wishing to send in a photo for the month of June is more than welcome to send one in. Just provide me with the following information, Who Took The Photo, Were The Photo Was Taken At, Who's Track, What Scale The Locomotive Is, And The Owner Of The Locomotive. This is all the information I will need and send the information to If more than one photo is sent in I will decide which photo will be posted for the month of June.

New Pages Added
The Following Pages have been added to the Independent Live Steamers Website, Photo Of The Month, Train Paintings, and Recent News.

Attention Independent Live Steamer Members
It is getting closer and closer to the Live Steam Season. If any member is going to have a meet or any work days please notify me and I will place the dates on the ILS Meets Page and on the Recent News Page.

This Page is not in related to the Independent Live Steamers Newsletter. Only news about the website, when meets will be held, when workdays will be held and when there is updates on the website.
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Updated May 23, 2004 at 3:10 p.m