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Saturday - 04/29/2000

DBZ Master - The latest updates - WELCOME, WELCOME! To the new, better working, cooler, updated, profesoinal looking, got-more-stuff, the best (and hopefully the last), updated version of, DRAGONBALLZ ARMAGEDDON !!!!! Since I was on spring break I had alot of time to work on it, but, now it's over, and it's back to the daily grind....."sigh"

DBZ Master
- Episodes n Videos - I'm Lookin' for a server to upload some Full Episodes, Full Movies, and, some Music Videos on. I've got a CR@P LOAD of 'em just waiting to be uploaded, but I can't find anywhere to do it !

Sunday - 04/30/2000

DBZ Master
- Help Me - Ok guys, I just got signed up for a, click-and-get-money thing, but it's worthless without you. So please click on the "Recommend-It" banner, if you don't I won't be able to keep this site up. I know most of you won't, but will the NICER poeple please click on it.......Thanx

DBZ Master
- FULL EPISODES - If the tittle didn't give it away, I NOW HAVE FULL EPISODES!!!!!

Monday - 05/22/2000

DBZ Master
- DB-Z-GT GAME CODES - I have finaly got around to putting some DBZ game codes on here. If you have a code to submit, e-mail me where it says DBZ Master over to the left.

Wednasday - 05/24/2000

DBZ Master
- MUSIC VIDEOS - I have uploaded a few music videos, but I will get some more soon. The first two videos are my favorites, but the second music video is a "BIT" more mature, (here to **** you up). IT'S PRETTY SWEET THOUGH!!!

-Ultimate DBZ

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