1. Download Hj Splitter (http://www.freebyte.com/hjsplit/)
2. It's very useful in EVERYTHING because you can split up a big video into small chunks. If a site only allows 50mb max you can split the file into 2 parts of 50mb if it's 100mb. And of course the downloader can put them back together.
3. Just remember to not rename them in any way and make sure they are all opened by the same media. One part maybe be opened by media player and another winamp (You can check this by looking at their properties and seeing what their default player is).
4. Always place all the files in the same folder.
5. If anything goes wrong just check if you have all the files and the previous steps. If you have and it still contains an error ask other members for help.

** NOW ON WITH THE PICTURES (moochi's step by step guide to using hj splitter)

1. Download all the files in the SAME folder and NO renaming. Save Hj splitter (the program) in a place that is easy to access and open it.

2. Now that it's opened please press "splice" then browse for the file within the folder you saved it in, in the "input" section. Notice that only one file appears because only the BEGINNING file will show up. You just need that so double click it (no worries).

3. Did the name of that split file show up (the first one)? If it did then click on the big button marked "SPLICE".

4. Finally check the folder where your split files are and you should see a file that is the combined size of all your split files. That is your video or whatever you have been downloading. Just double click it and enjoy watching!