My Diary

July 18, 2000

I had a good day today. Mommy went to work, but Daddy
stayed at home. He had his cousins over. They played Nintendo 64
all afternoon. Then Daddy took me for a walk by the pool. I love
the pool, but the apartment people won't let me go swimming. NO
PETS ALLOWED. See ya tommorrow.

July 19, 2000

Mommy gave me a bath today. She doesn't give me a bath very often
because my skin gets itchy. She gives me a bath every one to two
months. I smell sooooooooo good. A bath makes me want to got out
this weekend. I think I'll ask my boyfriend, Bandit for a date. See ya tomorrow.

July 20, 2000

Nothing really happened today. Daddy let me out of my cage while Mommy was at work. I played all over the house. I had a lot of fun romping around the living room and hiding my toys underneath the bed. I even went to the bathroom in my liter box all day long. Tomorrow is my date with Bandit. I'm going to spend the weekend at his house. My two best friends, Pinky and Springy, will be there also. Talk to you tomorrow.