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About me ? My name is Aastha, I am 14 and a half, almost 15. I live in New Delhi...I have the cutest dog you have ever seen in your life.
I loooooove SPORTS (specially cricket and tennis), I enjoy reading fiction and mystery books, watching Hollywood movies and sometimed Hindi ones also. I like Saurav Ganguly, the whole SA cricket team, Pete Sampras, Tiger Woods, Sean Connery, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Shah Rukh Khan, and Aishwarya Rai. I also love music (R&B, hip hop, soul)
My dad works in a French company and he is director finance. My mom is in Ranbaxy as a research chemist...I have loads of french friends because of my dad, and zillions of Indian friends...However, i am always on the chase for more, so you are welcome to write to me !!