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Tantra and Muthurta Jyotish (Electoral Astrology)

Like any brunch of learning, "Muthurta Jyotish" essentially aims at maximizing human welfare; success and happiness. To achieve this goal, "Muthurta Jyotish" deals with a system to determine special epochs of time that would ensure successful and happy.

The purpose of astrology is to dispel the fear of the unknown and to give scope for free play of human spirit. A Tantrika believes that marriages are made in heaven, thus it is Divine will that man and woman come together in matrimonial as there are the two aspect or two sides of Nature. Hence it is natural for them to be united otherwise the live of earth will be incompleteness. The Union of Man and Woman is but a gross reflection of the Grand Spiritual Union.

In India, Sri Lanka and in some Asian countries and becoming popular in the west where marriage has been considered as a relationship, which will last till eternity. It seeks to find equality on both the partners with matters such as
1.    Right conduct
2.    Financial position
3.    Sexual compatibility
4.    Liberation or emancipation

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We currently offer FREE MEMBERSHIP to Women who are out there wanting to help bring joy and love into the live of their community. No adult works in the name of Tantra or also know as Goddess will be listed in this site.

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The Rishis from ancient time considered the wife as a minister, a friend, and server of the family, the Goddess of the home who brings the divine Light and prosperity to the home. She is known as Goddess Lakshmi, who brings prosperity to the family by being a divine supporter to her husband by encouraging him to earn wealth, name and frame. In the west there is a popular saying " Behind every great man, there is a good women". The stand by him during all time and especially in time of crisis.

Marriage is not for brute sense gratification nor is it a civil agreement that effects only the partners, but society as a whole. A family is the mold out of which the future generation emerges.

Sexual aspect is considered a very important element in the life of a Tantrika, and it bears great significance on the psychological and emotional development of a Tantrika. It is part of human nature that no normal person can escape its influence.

The ancient Sages of Tantra attached great significance to astrological consideration on sexual compatibility before solemnizing a marriage. As sexual compatibility helps improve mutual affection between married couples.

Psychological, physiological and other defect of the reproductive system can be detected by studying an individual's birth chart. Life can be heavenly or hell depending the state of one's married life. Marriage is not based on any sentiment, but has spiritual, moral, social and scientific consideration.

Every Tantrika knows that the Supreme Mother preordains his or her life, and consulting an astrologer they learn to better understand their life and path, and also to find the right prospective bride or bridegroom. To a Tantrika, finding the right partner is very important, for the success of the stages of their life depend on it, and they take very serious consideration of the future generation.
When considering compatibility of two person the following points are considered very important

1.The compatibility of the constellations (star)
2. The positions of Ascendance and the Moon sign.
3. The longevity of the bride and the bridegroom
4. The strength of the 7th and 8th house
5. The strength of the putra-bhava
6. 2nd house - family vision and financial stability
7. 4th house - happiness and relation with in-laws
8. 6th house - health
9. 9th and 12 house bed comfort
10. Dasa vidha Kutas or compatibility

Apart from there are as many as 40 porutams or agreements, out of which there 12 which are very important.

1.    Dina - For Good health and longevity of the relationship
2.    Gana - prosperity of the couple
3.    Mahendra - bestows good and prosperous children
4.    Stree Dirgha - bestows all round prosperity
5.    Yoni - sexual compatibility
6.    Rasi - prosperity in family life
7.    Rasyadhipa - loving and affectionate towards each other
8.    Vasya - Mental attraction and affinity and happy married life
9.    Rajju - long and prospective married life and is a must
10.    Vedha - prevents unhappiness between the couple and creates a cordial relationship between couples
11.    Nadi - This is considered to be the most significant compatibility for it signifies pulse or nervous energy. It also indicates physiological and hereditary factors

The above porutams consider some important factors such as: -

1.    The stars are classified into three groups
a.    Deva (divine), to this type of person presents piety, goodness of character and charitable nature.
b.    Manusha (human) to this type of person presents a mixture of good and bad.
c.    Rakshasa suggests obsession with self-will, domineering nature and violence.

These different natures are indicated by the birth constellations. A Deva can marry a Deva, a Manusha to a Manusha and a Rakshasa to a Rakshasa. Manusha or Deva boy is never advised to marry a Rakshasa girl, but on the other hand marriage between a Rakshasa boy and a Deva or a Manusha girl is possible, but asked to be avoided especially between Rakshasa and Deva. Marriage between different ganas we create quarrels and disharmony. There is always a great possibility of Divorce.

2. Yoni means the sexual organ of women, and Yoni Kuta implies sexual compatibility. The sexual urge born to a particular star could have as strong as the passion of a tiger. The human embryo, in the course of its development, passes through various stages of evolution - mammals, reptiles, quadrupeds, etc., so the tendencies of certain animals will be predominant.

All the 27 constellations are assigned certain animal characteristics and sexes. If both the couple belongs to the male constellation, there will be frequent quarrels. There are certain groups that are not compatible to the other; this too brings about disruption and quarrels.
Yoni Kuta takes into account the sexual aspects of the couple and indicates sexual affinities with regards to degrees of sexual urge, sexual compatibility and the size of the organ and so on.

3. Varna Kuta signify the spiritual and ego development of a couple, and there are four classes. This suggests the degree of magnetism or amenability between the couple.
a.    Brahmins - are highly developed - Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer
b.    Khastriyas - less developed - Leo, Sagittarius and Libra
c.    Vaishyas - even less developed - Aries, Gemini and Capricorn
d.    Sudra - very lower in development. - Taurus, Virgo and
A girl born to a higher spiritual development should not be matched to a boy of lesser development. Both belonging to the same is highly recommended

4. Nadi Kuta is very important for it signifies the pulse or nervous energy indicating the physiological and hereditary factors.
In Ayurveda there are three Nadis type; -. Vata (wind) Pitta (bile) and Kapha (phlegm). The partners should belong to different group of Nadis or temperaments; this will bestow a happy marriage.

Kuja Dosha
The position of Mars and Venus is very important in judging the marital relations. Mars whose nature is fire rules Marriage. When he is badly situated or associated within the horoscopes of the male or the female. When the fire gets extinguished soon the relationship between the couple will also extinguish. Kuja Dosha can also create some unfortunate situation to the couple's concern.

There are few other Dosha to also be considered when considering the Union of two people, either in marriage or in business partnership.

A true Tantrika take Union in Marriage or partnership as a very important aspect of his or her sanity and spiritual growth. Ancient Tantrika never do any thing important without first finding out the influence that the planets has on the particular day.

IFC Temple of Divine Love, Tantric Goddess Network and Tantric Soul Mate are committed to helping all those who are in a Spiritual to find their path in life. As the Divine Union of Marriage is a very important aspect in a Tantrika's lives we will help all those who attend any of our seminar or those who decide to become a member of Soul Mate.

In the west it may be important for both male and female to find out what the true practice of Tantra is, and the importance of Union between Male and a Female.

In Tantrika tradition it is very important to find a women who is suitable to aid the men to realize their true self, through connecting with their female within. A truly spiritual women is considered to be loser to God, then a men, as such they need to be united with a women for the life in earth to be completed.

According to Jyotish Astrology the number of all the gunas or points is 36. Points here refers to the measure which may be expressed in point and which covers all the aspects of the married life of the bridegroom and the bride. The points are called Gunas. If the number of the points obtained by both the would be bridegroom and bride on the basis of 8 Kutus, should be 18 or more. It is said the 16 points are not suitable, 17 to 20, it is medium; if it is from 21 to 31 it is excellent; and if it is from 31 to 36, it is most excellent.

Jyotish Astrology has been use for thousand of years by Tantrika all around the world, and they have had very successful marriages and spiritual progress in Life.


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