Bombay Riots


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Riot report card

Number of people killed 			872

Number of people injured			1829

Number of people missing			443
(Government figures submitted to the Srikrishna Commission).

Number of people who fled the city		150,000

Number who sought refuge in relief camps	100,000

Loss of property				Rs 40 billion

Homes burned					10,000

People left homeless				50,000

Percentage of riot victims who were Muslim	60-67
(Times of India estimates).
Rediff Commentary/Dilip D'Souza

Jyoti Punwani's Reports on the Riots

Bal Thackeray's Proposal

Biased Report?

The BJP's Role

The Hari Masjid Firing

Interview with Justice Srikrishna:1

Interview with Justice Srikrishna:2

Kushwant Singh on Bal Thackeray

Missing Persons of the Riots

"People Have Forgotten"

The Worst Riot Case

Serious Riot Cases: Where are they Now?: 1

Serious Riot Cases: Where are they Now?: 2

Serious Riot Cases: Where are they Now?: 3

Serious Riot Cases: Where are they Now?: 4

Serious Riot Cases: Where are they Now?: 5

Serious Riot Cases: Where are they Now?: 6

Serious Riot Cases: Where are they Now?: 7


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