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BJP's Hindutva is fraught with dangers, says Basu


West Bengal Chief Minister Jyoti Basu today accused the BJP of trying to replace the idea of ''unity in diversity`` with its ''false
concept of Hindu nationalism``.

''The Sangh Parivar, the mainstay of the BJP, has been perpetrating atrocities on Muslims and the Christians on one pretext or
the other .... it is urgently required on part of all right-thinking forces to combat this sectarian politics,`` Mr Basu said
inaugurating a national conference on ''Rights of Minorities`` here.

Stating that the national debate called by the prime minister on the question of conversion was a call to perpetuate an
''unnecessary`` issue causing precarious problems and rousing dangerous religious passions, the chief minister said religion had
always been a matter of personal choice.

''What is important in a secular democracy is to accept religious sentiments of all communities and none be allowed to interfere
with religious freedom of other communities,`` he said.

Mr Basu alleged the ''designs`` of the BJP and the Sangh Parivar to ''foist the false concept of Hinduvta`` on the Indian scene
was fraught with serious danger of tearing asunder the national fabric. ''The senseless action of the Sangh Parivar has created a
situation in which the country`s secular constitution is threatened and rights of minorities are abrogated,`` he alleged.

The chief minister said the Sangh Parivar`s action had also given rise to minority fundamentalism in some areas. ''This trend, if
unchecked, will harm the minorities themselves and keep them apart from the majority community``.

He said since the rise of fundamentalist and communal forces in the political scenario, particularly after the formation of the
18-party coalition government at the Centre, attacks and atrocities on the minorities were growing alarmingly.

''It is most unfortunate that after five decades of independence, the country is passing through this traumatic phase,`` he said,
alleging that the BJP`s action flagrantly flouted the basic principles of secularism.

Expressing concern that the politics of communalism and sectarianism were threatening to undermine India`s long-cherished
tradition of eclecticism and tolerance, Mr Basu said the despicable act of Babri Mosque demolition still haunted the nation.

The veteran Marxist alleged that the BJP-led governnment`s proclamation in its national agenda to uphold ''real secularism``,
was, in reality, a ''call for changing the very basic principles of secularism``.

Stating that universally accepted human rights also stood violated if minority rights were not protected, he called for collective
endeavours to defeat the sinister designs of those bent upon destroying ''our commitment to uphold rights and privileges of all

Taking part in the conference, Congress Leader Ram Niwas Mirdha said it was reprehensible that attacks on religious minorities
were on the rise with the BJP- led coalition in power at the Centre. ''Every effort should be made to stop the trend,`` he said.

Mr Mirdha said the country was committed to safeguard rights of all ''and we have taken a pledge to keep it at all cost to ensure
that rights of minorities are well protected``.

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