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Mahatma Gandhi: A Retrospective

Gandhi Maharaj - Tagore
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Truth and God - Gandhi
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Mahatma Gandhi
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Generations to come, it may be, will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth ...... Albert Einstein

Sacred space

The Mahatma
Jan 31, 1999

Innumerable are the names of God; but if a choice were to be
made of one, it would be Sat or Satya, that is, Truth. Hence, verily,
Truth is God.


Realisation of Truth is not at all possible without Ahimsa
(non-violence). That is why it has been said that Ahimsa is the
supreme Dharma (Duty).


The quest of Truth and the observance of Non-violence are
impossible without Brahmacharya (celibacy). Non-stealing,
non-possession, fearlessness, equal respect for all religions,
removal of untouchability, and the like.


Fearlessness should connote absence of all kinds of fear -- fear of
death, fear of bodily injury, fear of hunger, fear of insults, fear of
public disapprobation, fear of ghosts and evil spirits, fear of
anyone's anger. Freedom from all these and such other fears
constitutes fearlessness.


We must respect other religions even as we respect our own.
Mere tolerance thereof is not enough.


The hymn -- ``Take thou a lesson from the tree'' is worth laying to
one's heart. The tree bears the heat of the sun and yet provides
cool shade to us. What do we do?


The essence of religion is mercy'', so Tulsidas has said. And he
adds: ``O Tulsi! do not abandon mercy as long as there is life in
thee.'' Suppliants for mercy ourselves, how shall we be merciful
and to whom?


Why is it that even ordinarily we do not escape untruth, be it out of
fear or even shame? Would it not be better to observe silence
instead, or shedding fear of one another, frankly speak out what is
in our minds?




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