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     "An Indian citizen is below poverty line if he or she cannot earn 400 rupees (8 dollars). India's population is 100 crores. There are 27 crore (270 million) people who live below poverty line in India."   (Source : Census Data on India) 

    Technology, especially Internet, could be used as the levelling field and balancing medium atleast in terms of Information access and dissemination. But, ironically, Internet is both the digital bridge and digital divide in developing and poor nations like India.
     A combination of short-sighted policies, the burgeoning population problem, lack of political will and stability and corruption at all levels have given raise to a social structure and processes that use 99% of the resources to serve 1% of the population. Development and growth in India is very skewed due these and many other factors. India's ranking in the world on economic and social welfare of it's citizens bears testimony to this sad fact.

    Welcome to IndianVillages home page.This site explores the opportunities that exist and that could be created for improving the living conditions of millions of poor and underprivileged people living  in India and in the rest of the developing world. The site is aligned with my thoughts on creating opportunites for the poor to make a living through the use of technology, social and political action.

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