The full song

"I am what I am." :P

Real Name: Kevin
Home: North Carolina
Age: 20

Well, that is the basic info. As I've made apparent, I am an anime fan. I prefer original Japanese versions very strongly. I dislike the dubs, but try not to bash them quite as much as I use to.
I like Sailormoon, Dragonball, Tenchi, Dejimon, Key the Metal Idol, Outlaw Star, Ranma , Yu-Gi-oh!, Love Hina and several more.

I have also become an obsessed Tolkien fan. I love his Middle-Earth! :D
Gandalf the Istari!

I live in North Carolina. I am in college, studying computer engineering.
I have 4 cats.

I have a wonderful girlfriend, Chris. I love her so much!
Chris and I.

More to come!

NekoCon 2003! NekoCon
See ya, says the Eye holder!