Odiseo is a free desktop environment licensed under the GPL license, and developed with Java.

The Odiseo's heart is the file called odiseo.jar. this jar file can execute any number of java programms in a unique Java Virtual Machine. You can use it in your own programs if you want to execute more java programs. See jexplorer bat files (jexplorer/bin/execute.bat or jexplorer.bat) to know how you can use it.

The Odiseo Desktop are the User Interface for the odiseo.jar file. This UI are the desktop and the dock.

The main odiseo's classes are the OdiseoClassLoader and the OdiseoSecutityManager. The first is responsable to load Jar files in separated process and loads Odiseo's classes when a program wants to load some Java's classes. the security manager controls the relations between the process and the Odiseo environment. This is true for JFrame, JDialog, JWindow, Frame, Dialog and Window classes.

You can see Odiseo running in the Odiseo screenshot's page.

To run the example you have to download the JDK 1.3 and the JAXP 1.0 (visit java.sun.com). Odiseo execute jar files with a valid Manifest file. If you want to test Odiseo with your Java applications you have to configure the xml files in the configuration folder next to dock bin directory. To run Odiseo you have to execute the odiseo.bat (for windows) file in odiseo/odiseo/bin folder.

Copyright (c) 1999 - 2004 Inigo Gonzalez