written for the Institute for Applied Consciousness Science


The Role of Infolded Order in Mindbody and Personality

by Iona Miller 
Asklepia Foundation, ©2001

Abstract:  Quantum Mechanics has a severe foundation problem: the missing chaos, or in other words, the problem of the hidden order.  Application of the Maxwell's quaternion theory and mathematician Whittaker's work to QM produces a superset of QM, where the missing chaos is restored.  Including the infolded scalar EM energy of the vacuum potential restores an underlying unity to general relativity and EM theory.  It unites EM and gravity in a unified field theory.  You have to apply self-organizing chaos for any macrostructures to emerge from the undifferentiated fundamental condition.  Not only is the mass potential a scalar EM potential, it is also a gravitational potential.  Note that the concept of the mass potentials is a unifying field concept, for unifying gravity and EM fields.  Mind, matter, thought, and the deepest biological control functions use the Whittaker internal electromagnetics as bodymind software.  What is involved is not only a unification of the branches of physics, but also a unification of physics and metaphysics.
Living systems alter this internal EM Whittaker channel (this spacetime lattice structure) and communicate through it for mind, thought, personality, long-term memory, and deep control of cellular and body functions.  The Whittaker potentials interact in the nuclear mass potential of the body--and that is where the signals and functions for deep cellular control, immune system control, etc. are located.  The mind consist of stabilized Whittaker structures inside the living system's biopotential.  Thoughts are a special class of changes/waves in that overall Whittaker-structure ensemble.  The personal unconscious is a single, small, localized sample of yet a greater collection that represents even deeper unconsciousness.  That is why the unconscious is unconscious, just as the vacuum potential is non-observable.


There is hidden chaos in brainwave activity which provides very strong evidence that the real activity of the mind occurs in hidden variables, in hidden channels enfolded inside the normal EM field of conventional electromagnetics.  It is, in effect, the self-organizing re-ordering of scattering energy.  This energy resides as pure potential in the scalar fields of the vacuum fluctuation as scalar EM potential waves.  There is a virtual or hidden, deterministic, dynamic order “inside” the normal statistical EM brain activity.
Whittaker identified certain fundamental frequencies used by the brain to communicate the electrical/physical functioning of the organism.  In each frequency channel of a set, there are two bidirectional EM waves, actually, an EM wave and its time-reversed antiwave (phase conjugate replica).  A standing scalar potential wave can also be considered a standing wave in the rate of the passage of time.  So the presence of a scalar potential alters the local rate of time passage.  Miller and Miller (1981) have identified such standing scalar waves as enfolding the potential of archetypal processes.
Since scalar potential alters time flow, it affects everything else that locally exists in time, and that’s everything, and provides a rational basis for such phenomena as non-locality, synchronicity, and ESP.    More exactly, this potential gradient in the virtual vacuum is a stress effect on the rate of the flow of time.  The time stream stress changes in this effect, increasing and sometimes grounding the overall potential.
Direct observation of this EM substructure and its spectrum will require a good scalar EM system detector, but for now we must rely on inference by observing its effects in the physical world, on nature and ourselves.  The detection of scalars involves outfolding the inner energy spectrum of the Whittaker structure of phase conjugate waveforms.
In conventional electromagnetics, the internal energetics was discarded by Heaviside and Gibbs.  By discarding the scalar component of the quaternion, they threw out the internalized EM energy of local spacetime and its communication with distant spatial points.  Since the localized energy density of spacetime is essentially synonymous with gravitational potential, they threw out the ability to turn EM force field energy into gravitational potential energy.  They threw out the interaction and entanglement of EM and gravitation, and wrote equations only for the special case in Maxwell’s theory wherein gravity and electromagnetics do not interact.  Physicists have been vainly trying to reunite them ever since, but this dogma is staunchly defended in academic circles.
James Clerk Maxwell’s equations describe how an electromagnetic field changes from place to place and from moment to moment.  However, to calculate the actual value of the field one must know the initial or boundary, values of the field, which provide a baseline for all subsequent changes.  It is through the choice of initial conditions that the nature of the vacuum enters classical electron theory.
With the recent cosmological revolution (1998) and its emphasis on the fundamental influence of vacuum potential on the expansion rate and density of matter in the universe, we can no longer avoid a careful examination of what this virtual field, this potential, means in terms of quantum processes, again both in nature and in ourselves.  Gross instrumentation measuring the broad strokes of brainwave emissions, such as Beta, Alpha,  Theta and Delta, cannot begin to yield insights into the infolded potentials within us, the internal energy arena where mind, thought, and emotion reside and function.
The externalized EM energy is scattering energy, and energy once scattered will produce entropy, increased disorder, and only the positive flow of time.  That kind of science has no basis for unifying EM and gravitational energies.  Quantum mechanics has a severe foundation problem: the missing chaos, or in other words, the problem of the missing hidden order.
When QM was under construction as a statistical theory, Gibbs thermodynamic statistics were adopted based on the theory of the random variable.  The variables were considered random, which over-restricted the theory.  It left out the now obvious hidden variable of deterministic chaos at work within the potential of quantum fluctuation, and even more fundamentally of the virtual vacuum flux.
Now, scientists are willing to notice that there is a second case order, wherein quantum change is statistical, but can contain a hidden order and be nonrandom.  If quantum change is random, then collections of these random tiny changes could never integrate to provide us with the ordered macroscopic universe we live in and observe.  In other words, we would not exist, nor would the universe as we know it with its myriad manifestations and contents.
For integration of the statistical quantum changes to yield an ordered macroscopic universe, quantum change must contain hidden order.  That is, the variables must be chaotic, not random.  If the changes are chaotic, then integration of them will see large scale forms emerge and stabilize, which is what we actually observe in physical reality.  Therefore, the biggest foundational problem in QM today is the problem of the missing chaos, which cannot be identified with the Gibbs statistics that exclude it a priori.
David Bohm, of course, is infamous for pointing out that hidden variables could contain the hidden order.  Actually all of experimental physics is consistent with his hidden variable theory (HVT).  However, mainstream QM theoreticians still shun hidden variable theory, and therefore hidden order.
Still, the groundwork for this new physics exists in the archives of science.  Maxwell’s original quaternion theory of EM included the infolded potential and was very influencial in Whittaker’s work.  Whittaker’s hidden variable theory is directly engineerable on the lab bench; it is testable and targets internal EM bidirectional wave structures in the scalar potential, including the Schroedinger potential.
It opens a realm even more vast than that of genetic engineering--that of engineering the vacuum potential and therefore that of engineering consciousness.  Whittaker’s work allows direct engineering of quantum change itself, and constitutes testable hidden order inside the “Gibb’s statistics.”  In other words, application of the Whittaker work to QM produces a superset of QM, where the missing chaos is restored.
The postulate that “quantum change is statistical” now has three special cases, theoretically:  (1) the case where no internal order is present, and quantum change is random; (2) the case where some internal order, but not the total, is present, and quantum change is already chaotic; and (3) the case where quantum change is perfectly engineered and hence perfectly ordered and deterministic.
Notice that, by adding the hidden order and the internalized EM energy, we’ve now extended both QM and EM, and unified the two on a common subset: each’s Whittaker-applied subset, which is the same subset shared by the two.
A situation similar to the restriction of EM theory happened when Einstein formulated general relativity.  His subset was the indirect result of the fundamental Heaviside/Gibbs error in electromagnetics.
Unfortunately, Einstein’s view of  EM approximated the classical view, in which EM and gravitation are mutually exclusive.  That is, the strong EM force is not usable as an agent to curve spacetime.  Einstein only considered the weak gravitational force due to the attration of mass, and that G-force is very, very weak!  This theory means there never will be an observable spacetime curvature, except in the vicinity of a very large mass, such as on the surface of the sun or a star.  Ergo, local lab spacetime will never be curved, and local spacetime will always be flat.
This fundamental error in postulates can be corrected by assuming that:  The local spacetime is always flat, whenever only the weak gravitational force is used for the agent of curvature and the local region of interest is not near a large collection of mass.  In this model, the far stronger EM force can be used for curvature, and allows unity with gravitation.  Einstein spent the rest of his life trying to fit electromagnetics back into his flat local spacetime postulate, but his efforts were doomed to failure.
Correcting his basic postulate, we can state that “When a very strong force such as the electromagnetic force is used for the agent of curvature, the local spacetime may be curved even though the local region of interest is not near a large collection of mass.”
So, we see Einstein wrote only a subset of his intended theory.  Correct restatement of his overstated postulate of uncurved spacetime dramatically extends general relativity, and unites it with electromagnetics in a unified field theory.  The old statement meant that no one bothered looking for local detectable spacetime curvature, much less try measuring it.  If the observer’s local spacetime is always flat, there is no local experiment or local apparatus that involves or yields a curved local spacetime!
In Maxwell’s quaternion theory, the scalar component captured the ability to enfold and use the strong electromagnetic force to make a trapped potential filled with a structure of dynamic EM vector energy.  When the translational components of the quaternion are zeroed, the system of trapped spatiotemporal energy does not translate spatially, but only temporally.
This, of course, is a scalar EM potential without an external force-field gradient.  Since it is really trapped energy that gravitationally attracts other trapped energy, then all potentials are gravitational, as is well-known.  In 1968 Sakharov pointed out that gravitational field is not actually a primary field of nature.  Instead, it is always a conglomerate produced from other fields.
Therefore, the first order gravity should be composed of electromagnetics.  With the work of Maxwell and Whittaker we can engineer this in the lab, after devising suitable experiments. Tesla experimentally discovered the standing scalar EM potential wave on the night of July 3-4, 1899, in his Colorado Springs laboratory.
In the physical world scalar quantities are very often really zero vector systems, where the “scalar” or motionless system is actually filled with hosts of smaller “vector” things in violent motion. In vector analysis, all vector zeros are identical, but the infolded stress can vary enormously.  This is the stress of the local spacetime, the locally trapped energy of spacetime in the scalar component inside it.  The geometric patterning of the interactants is now locally trapped in spacetime.  The motional aspect may go to zero, but the scalar aspect will capture not only magnitude but internal motion and the exact dynamic structure of that internal motion.
Quaternions incorporate a hidden internal energy channel and hyperspatial aspects since they are an extension of complex number theory.     In the new QM, you can’t just automatically apply random variable statistics.  You have to apply chaos.  In structuring the vacuum’s virtual photon exchange with the mass of a charged particle, we have moved to a completely new and much more fundamental level of engineering.  Now the massless virtual particle charge flux can be activated with a particular dynamic structure, a vacuum engine, to perform a special job.
Or we can activate a local spacetime itself, curving it and internally structuring that curvature to our will.  That locally curved spacetime then becomes a continuing, inexhaustible source of a specialized vacuum engine, or engines.  We can tailor the local vacuum so as to be able to violate any and all of the present conservation laws, not just two out of three as the present theorem permits.
Literally we can use the vacuum’s incredibly powerful flux to produce localized vacuum engines.  We can reach directly into the atomic nuclei with magical, gentle, accurately controlled fingers.  For the first time we can begin to do actual tailoring and engineering of the nucleus itself.  We can further directly collect and integrate virtual state energy forms, which in QM are called “ghost forms.”
Eventually, literally anything at all can be materialized and brought into physical reality, or dematerialized so as to disappear from physical reality.  We will be able to engineer and change the local laws of nature, since we can directly engineer and control the Schroedinger equation, the quantum potentials, and the entire local vacuum potential in all its partial potential parts.
Engineering our own physical and psychophysical reality may sound terrifying, and it is.  But it has already begun to happen in terms of genetic engineering, and this is the next inevitable step for humankind.  Meeting that challenge responsibly will be the greatest moral imperative of the entire future, whatever future we choose to create for ourselves.


When the final chapter is written on quantum theory, field fluctuations in empty space will be accorded an honored position.  Quantum flucutation, ripples that form the basis for energy in a vacuum, pervade the fabric of space and time.
The engineer of the future may specialize in “vacuum engineering.”  Since the basic zero-point energy form is highly random in nature, and tending towards self-cancellation, if a way could be found to bring order out of chaos, then, because of the highly energetic nature of the vacuum fluctuations, relatively large effects could in principle be produced.  Attempts have been made to invent technology to tap the vacuum potential, but as yet no successful free energy machine has emerged.  However, just because you can’t yet extract free energy doesn’t mean you can’t engineer it.
The Void is a background sea of light known as the electromagnetic zero-point field of the quantum vacuum.  The real-world quantum vacuum is permeated by he zero-point field with its ceaseless electromagnetic waves.  The fact that the zero-point field is the lowest energy state makes it unobservable.
The zero-point field is a blinding light.  Since it is everywhere, inside and outside of us, permeating every atom in our bodies, we are effectively blind to it.  It blinds us by its presence.  The world of light that we do see is all the rest of the light that is over and above the zero-point field.  We cannot eliminate the zero-point field from our eyes.
So, the vacuum is filled with a distinctive pattern of electromagnetic fields. Even with its pattern of electric and magnetic fields in continual fluctuation, the vacuum remains the simplest state of nature. It is an isotropic matrix, with a complex structure.  Space is not empty, but remains filled with electromagnetic radiation.  The sea of energy is largely invisible to us because it is completely uniform, bombarding us from all directions such that the net foce acting on any object is zero.
The zero-point field is an all-pervasive sea of energy whose existence is recognized as a consequence of quantum mechanics.  Zeropoint energy emerges from Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, which limits the accuracy of measurements.  According to the so-called Heisenberg uncertainty relation, “virtual” subatomic particles and photons are ceaselessly popping up out of absolutely nothing, only to vanish again so quickly that on average the ordinary laws of physics, which prohibit spontaneous creation, are not violated.  It is the virtual photons which constitute the electromagnetic zero-point field.
Whether the zero-point field is virtual or not, there are a number of perfectly real effects caused by it, such as the Lamb shift and Casimir force.  The zero-point field can produce measurable forces.  It is the product of infinite energy convergence.
Even though the zero-point energy in any particular mode of an electromagnetic field is minute, there are so many possible modes of propagation (frequencies, directions) in open space, the zero-point energy summed up over all possible modes is quite enormous; in fact, greater than, for example, nuclear energy densities.
The ground-state orbit of the electron is set by a dynamic equilibrium in which collapse of the state is prevented by the presence of the zero-point energy.  Zeropoint energy is what keeps electrons in an atom orbiting the nucleus.  The very stability of matter itself appears to depend on the presence of the underlying sea of electromagnetic zero-point energy.
Chaotic perturbations in this ground state could cause quantum changes in processes that get pumped up into macroscopic changes.  Simply by raising the the stress gradient in the vacuum more force would be exerted upon the electrons that are perpetually buffeted by the vacuum fluctuation.  Matter is simply different modes of asymmetry of the zero point field.


Mathematician Whittaker showed that a scalar EM potential is comprised of bidirectional EM wave pairs, where the pairs are harmonics and phase-locked together.  In each coupled wave/antiwave pair, a true forward-time EM wave is coupled to a time-reversal of itself, its phase conjugate replica antiwave.  The two waves are spatially in phase, but temporally they are 180 degrees out of phase.
That combined energy thus stresses the “time dimension,” and in fact alters the local rate of flow of time itself.  When you stress and alter the rate of flow of time, you also affect all those time-present things such as inertia of an object, mass of the object, its angular momentum, clock rates, etc.  You directly engineer local general relativity, and electromagnetically curve local spacetime (Bearden, 1992).
This means that the second law of thermodynamics is not a mystical, irrevocable law of nature at all; entropy can be directly changed into negentropy, and negentropy can be amplified (with phase conjugate mirrors).
Since all the wave/antiwave sets are phase-locked, this potential in the local spacetime form a spacetime lattice, perfectly organized both spatially and temporally.  This lattice is refered to by Buckminster Fuller in his Synergetics books as the Isotropic Vector Matrix, an omnidirectional, tetrahedrally omnitriangulated system.
What is happening in the Whittaker spacetime lattice, with respect to the photon coupling and decoupling, is that energy is oscillating back and forth between expression as EM energy/order (photons decoupled) and expression as gravitational energy/order (photons coupled).
Spin 2 statistical gravitons represent or produce a flat local spacetime, since the lattice has no suplus or shortage of either photons or antiphotons.  We may regard the coupled photons and antiphotons as a special sort of “Dirac sea,” similar to that of negative energy electrons.  Also, it can serve as a source or sink, depending on whether the hidden photon sea has a suplus or a deficiency. [We are using the term “photons” to mean wither photons or antiphotons.]
An asymmetrical vacuum violates local conservation.  In a locally curved spacetime, one may have either an energy source or an energy sink, depending on the engineering of this local vacuum/spacetime.  In a curved local spacetime, the local vacuum/spacetime interacts directly with a system placed there, and it can be designed to produce either extra energy in the system or absorb energy from the system.
A locally curved local spacetime is a locally asymmetrical spacetime.  With this violation of symmetry, most of the conservation laws are broken locally, including conservation, electrical charge, magnetic charge, momentum, etc.  The vacuum itself becomes an engine, to perform work upon the system.
Generally work involves scattering energy.  Yet here you can easily make a wave that will restore former order after the scattering of that order.  The time-reversed wave is a general solution to the wave equation.  Any kind of wave--EM, sound, mechanical, etc.--can be phase-conjugated/time reversed in this manner.  Whitakker’s 1904 paper shows that interference of two such scalar potentials will produce ordinary force fields in the interference zone.
There are serious conflicts and inconsistencies between general relativity, electromagnetics, and quantum mechanics.  Physics is not unified, and is not even consistent.  No one even knows what a photons is.
The conflict between QM and EM leaves the cause of EM phenomena up in the air.  In classical theory EM forcefields are considered the primary causes, and the potentials are just mathematical conveniences.  In QM, we find exactly the contray view, where the potentials are the primary causes, and force fields are secondary, created in the charged particle system itself by the interference there of the potentials.  Vacuum is pure potential and nothing else.  Forcefields do not even exist in the vacuum, but only in the charged particle system iself, with which the potentialized vacuum interacts.
In quantum field theory the exchange of virtual particles generates all the forces of nature.  We call such a fleeting or ghostly particle, a virtual particle.  A photon is freed EM energy, traveling at the speed of light.  Mass is trapped EM energy.  It traps photons and holds them as a densely packed mass potential.  This packing in the atomic nucleus consists of close-packed sphere patterns, again as outlined by Fuller in Synergetics I and Synergetics II.  The prime unit of this Vector Equilibrium Matrix is the 12 around 1 close-packed spheres and its higher frequency packing which determines the structure of all atoms, all mass.
Things don’t flow through time continuously in the manner universally assumed.  To the macro observer, of course, the flipping is so rapid that we cannot see it.  The mass “moves through time” in little jumps, so to speak, at a very high “jumping rate.”  The time dimension is continually being created and destroyed for each particle of mass in the observer/instrument, by photon interaction.
There are two kinds of electromagnetism:  the exterior EM is spatial in nature; the interior EM is hyperspatial in nature.  Internal EM is generally completely inside the scalar potential, existing as “infolded” harmonic sets of EM antiparallel wave/antiwave pairs.  Whittaker described it in 1903.  This internal EM was in Maxwell’s original quaternion equations, hidden in the scalar compnent resultant that remained when the directional components of quaternions interacted to form directional zero resultants.
Today this part of Maxwell’s original theory just appears in classical EM Heaviside/Gibbs theory as a vector zero resultant, which is erroneously discarded as if it were a complete absence of EM.  It is only the absence of EM translation of charged particles.  It is patterned EM-induced gravitational stress in local spacetime, and is a little “vacuum engine” capable of working directly on the atomic nucleus!
The internal EM is more than just a model of conditions at a point.  It prescribes a hyperspatial, bidirectional flow of EM transverse wave energy at the point, into and out of it, into it from afar and away from it back to afar, on an infinite number of phase-locked frequencies.  In other words, the internal EM energetically connects conditions at a point with essentially all the other points in the universe.
The interference pattern of two such scalar potentials creates an “outfolding” of normal EM effects, as patterned force fields, both static and dynamic, on charged particle systems.  The internal EM thus prescribes and medels action at a distance, and incorporates this normal exterior EM as a special case of local scalar interferometry.  Whittaker proved this mathematically long ago.
The scalar envelope is a series of finite, nonzero, interacting translation vectors which result in a zero-vector resultant for translation.  Once again, we are back to Fuller’s Vector Equilibrium Matrix.  They still form an internally active system, and their action cannot be ignored in the overall physics; not all vector zeroes. are equal nor equate with “total absences.”
The vacuum is driving everything, everyway, anyway.  Internal work is being continually performed on the parts of a system, without external translation of the system.  All systems are open, driven systems--driven by the vacuum photon flux of vacuum.  Such a system, in equilibrium in its driving flux echange flows, can easily be constantly performing internal work.
The electrical charge of a mass is really its violent exchange of virtual photons with the vacuum.  The charged mass of the particle is continually absorbing virtual photons from the surrounding vacuum, and re-emitting them back into the vacuum.  Magnitude of electrical charge is simply a measure of the volumetric intensity of this VPF exchange.  It is fixed only for a fixed vacuum VPF intensity, in which it is embedded.  It is really discrete, not quantized.  If you locally excite the vacuum, you locally curve spacetime, altering the magnitude of the charge on fundamental particles located in that excited, potentialized vacuum.
Therefore, there is no such thing as a closed system, anywhere in the universe.  Everything is open to a virtual particle flux exchange with the vacuum, and every system is driven by that flux and its energy.  Every system is just a complex order in equilibrium in that VPF of vacuum, with violent input and output continually.  Engineering this means gating some of the vacuum energy that turns into the nucleus--catching it before it runs back out to the vacuum--and gating it out to the external circuit and the load before it scatters and runs back permanently to the vacuum.
“Conservation of energy” ruthlessly depends on time symmetry.  If time stress is made asymmetrical then local conservation is violated, and the local vacuum serves as a sink or source, depending on its potentialization.  In the potential at a point, bidirectional EM wave flows of energy, in and out, from all the rest of the vacuum in the universe.  That exchange of the vacuum is mostly with the nucleus of the atoms, for that is where most of the mass potential is.  Local time asymmetry can be created, but it is highly nonlinear.


It is a conceptual trap to assume that “space” and “spacetime” and “vacuum” are all synonymous with “frame” and “spacetime frame.”  They are not.  Vacuum per se doesn’t have any fixed length and time; the observer’s mass reaction with the vacuum potential determines and makes those quantities.
The speed of light in vacuum is also not a universal constant.  The speed of light in a given, specific vacuum of specific potential magnitude is constant.  Vacuum is just electrostatic scalar potential and therefore just virtual photon flux.  The intensity of VPF flux is the electrical charge density.  So the speed of light in a given, specific vacuum of specific electrical charge is constant.
But, if you change the vacuum’s ambient electrical charge density--i.e. change the value of that vacuum potential magnitude--you can make light passing through go faster or slower, depending on whether you decreased or increased the vacuum charge density.
The lab vacuum is actually jillions and jillions of vacua, simultaneously in interference with each other.  Spacetime, to the first order you see, is just electrostatic scalar potential.  When you engineer the vacuum, the interference is totally deterministic.  Only because all fine-grain information is totally lost to the observer, does it appear statistical.
The vacuum/potential is actually incredible numbers of dynamically changing vacua/potentials, all in violent interferometry a la Whittaker’s second paper.  The ambient vacuum is really not just “a” single vacuum, but many at once, all in interference.  Their interference as scalar potentials is what deterministically produces the local highly noisy virtual EM field gradients--the zero-point EM energy of the quantum mechanical vacuum.
Puthoff referred to this vacuum situation of individually deterministic but conglomerated statistical local EM fluctuation effects, as a cosmological feedback principle.  It is codified as stochastic electrodynamics (SED).
The vacuum will yield or unfold a spatiotemporal lattice, in fact it is that system or underlying pre-geomtry of spacetime.  You can organize and engineer local spacetime itself, and even do it at a distance.  Adding potential to the vacuum means adding order; you have added hidden order into the local statistics.  That’s the missing chaos in quantum mechanics--the hidden order that everyone’s been desperately looking for--quantum chaos.
The ambient vacuum is spacetime and is a conglomerated scalar EM potential, of very high value.  It is pure energy, pure EM energy.  We live directly in that extremely high potential, but not in a potential gradient.  That makes our flat spacetime; it has the same ambient potential magnitude everywhere.
Change the ambient potential of the local vacuum from point to poiunt, and that is a curved local spacetime.  You can curve it two ways: (1) increase the local ambient value of the vauum potential, or (2) decrease the local ambient value of it.  You can do it on the lab bench.
In general relativity, it is the trapped energy in mass that is responsible for its exhibiting gravitational attraction.  Einstein’s famous equation is a prescription for the amount of electromagnetic energy that is trapped in a mass m.  If trapped energy is gravitational in mass, it is gravitational in the potential as well.  In GR, all potentials are therefore gravitational.
The quantum potential (QP) is a potential added to the Schrodinger potential.  It provides an instantaneous connection between separated components, even over great distances.  The QP appears to have no point source; the QP field is not radiated in the classical sense.  Distance does not produce a vanishing interaction; with QP, two widely separated components of a physical system may be strongly and directly connected.
Not only is the mass potential a scalar EM potential, it is also a gravitational potential.  Note that the concept of the mass potentials is a unifying field concept, for unifying gravity and EM fields.
Mass has a universal kind of organized EM internal structure, shown by Whittaker; the hidden internal EM structure of the mass potential can be changed and engineered at will.  When you create a local vacuum engine in the altered Whittaker vacuum potential, you have also created an activated interacting engine of the altered atomic nucleus (its mass potential), fed by gating vacuum energy.  Gravitational energy is negative energy, since it is “withdrawn” from the EM scattering energy domain, and scattering energy has been designated as positive.
In scalar EM we encounter the effects of nonlinear oscillation, including harmonic and subharmonic oscillation, self-oscillation, etc.  The organized graviton structure of a scalar potential is organized (and in fact phase-lockled) in terms of both harmonic and subharmonic oscillation.


Mind, matter, thought, and the deepest biological control functions also use the Whittaker internal electromagnetics, and always have done so.  Now we know where the human bodymind software is, how it is filed, and how to engineer it directly.  What is involved is not only a unification of the branches of physics, but also a unification of physics and metaphysics.
Living systems have long used the internal EM whittaker channel for deep cellular control of the organism.  By manipulating this channel, reseachers have shown EM induction of cellular death and disease, and absolute cures of terminal tumors and leukemias in lab animals.  Popp also discovered the master cellular control system, including its virtual photon storage characteristics, without knowing of the internal Whittaker storage channel and mechanism.
The scalar EM potential is an organized spacetime lattice of perfectly ordered EM enegy [Fuller’s Isotropic Vector Matrix], passing through it in a Whittaker wave structure.  Living systems alter this internal EM Whittaker channel (this spacetime lattice structure) and communicate through it for mind, thought, personality, long-term memory, and deep control of cellular and body functions.  All the deepest biological control systems are in the Whittaker channel.
Scalar interferometry of Whittaker potentials alone, e.g., can reproduce any kind of normal EM, and the potentials can pass deep into the body before that interference occurs.  So Whittaker potential interferometry can produce much deeper EM fields in the body than present field theory and dosimetry would indicate.  The Whittaker potentials interact in the nuclear mass potential of the body--and that is where the signals and functions for deep cellular control, immune system control, etc. are located.
We can infer the danger from this of long-term “electronic jamming” on these deep control systems from noisily polluted EM environments.  Gradual degration of immune system and cellular control can result in a wide variety of disease syndromes, including psychophysical syndromes.
The mind consists of stabilized Whittaker structures inside the living system’s bio-potential.  Thoughts are a special class of changes/waves in that overall Whittaker-structure ensemble.  The personal unconscious is a single, small, localized sample of yet a greater collections that represents evven deeper unconsciousness.  That is why the unconscious is unconscious, just as the vacuum potential is non-observable.
The conscious mind is a serial processor, one thing at a time.  The unconscious mind is a parallel processor, of infinite potential.  The multiplicity of the unconsciousn makes it appear as blackness, or nothing recognizable at all.
Jung’s collective unconscious consists of archetypal infolded EM structures acting in common in an overall bio-quantum-potential for the entire species.  The Spirit of the living system, an undivided whole, an Unbound Self, is everywhere in the universe, and everywhen as well.  It’s all a giant hologram, not only in space, but in spacetime.
A thought or thoughtform is just a specific, dynamic Whittaker structure in the hidden EM channels of the biiopotential.  Thoughts and thoughtforms are real.  They are virtual spatially, but occupy the real dimension of time.  Physics and metaphysics share this nonobservable dimension time.  You can build the whole observable, detectable physics model out of the nonobservable, nondectable vacuum.  With Whittaker EM engineering, you can conceivably “make” thoughtforms to order, and input them directly into the mind and longterm memory and personality.
Vector fields can evidently be assembled by properly interfering scalar potentials.  Conversely, scalar field can be created by destructively interfering vector field, in a nonlinear medium.  Varying the vector components rhythmically produces what Bearden calls “scalar waves”.  These ripples in spacetime are believed to induce a wavelike stress in the “aether” and this in turn leads to engineering the structure of pure space and/or mass in a localized area--in other words, implementing General Relativity (spacetime curvature) on the lab bench.
The implications are staggering.  Among other things it means direct engineering of quantum change via a new kind of “hidden electrodynamic variables,” the direct engineering of the vacuum’s virtual photon flux exchange with matter; action at a distance; direct engineering of the local curvature of spacetime; and using the hidden EM to engineer body cells including the reversal of diseased cells, genetics and all, back to a previous healthy state; research toward the direct engineering of the mind, including both the conscious and unconscious minds, long-term memory, and the personality itself.


There is a predominance of non-linear processes in biological systems.  Several types of quasi-particles, each with their own characteristic resonant frequencies have been proposed to mediate these non-linear phenomenon, including solitons, excitons, and plasmons.  The right frequencies of non-linear energies might have profound healing properties, according to Stanford researcher Dr. Glen Rein.  Due to the non-linear nature of biological systems it is proposed that scalar waves should be more biologically active than their linear electromagnetic counterparts.
Scalar energy is transduced into linear electromagnetic energy in the body by liquid crystals in the cell membrane and solid crystals found in the blood and in several biological tissues.  Clinical studies of the effects of scalar energy on the mindbody and brainwaves have been conducted since the 1980s.  If they can be believed, research from Standford University Medical Center produced some tantalizing results.
Electrochemical oscillation between membrane-bound lipids near phase-transition temperature have been analyzed with and described by nonlinear quantum mechanical equations.  They also analyzed the coupling between harmonic oscillators represented by action potentials generated from active neuronal networks in the central nervous system, finding evidence of chaos.  The extraction of scalar components from Maxwell's original electromagnetic equations and from Schrodinger's equation using imaginary numbers has been reported, and their unusual non-linear waves described by many experimenters.
A Crystalline Transduction Theory has been put forth to explain the interactive mechanism of scalar waves with biological systems.  Another possibility is transduction in microtubles dispersed throughout the whole organism.  Tissue culture studies imply that the action of scalars on biological systems is more than a placebo effect mediated by the brain/mind, such as stress, moods or beliefs.   Stray EM energy in the ambient atmosphere makess it difficult to study the healing properties of scalar energies in a clinical setting.
Clinical healing sometime occured several months after initial exposure to the scalar waves.  It is known that the brain and body, each the immune system, communicate bidirectionally.  Thus, a direct action of scalar energy on the body could cause a subsequent change in brain state.  Therefore EEG studies do not indicate whether scalar energy also effects the body directly or whether the brain and the body are both affected.  Even if scalar energy directly affects individual cells, it may also affect the mind resulting in an altered psychological outlook which results in clinical improvement.
Dr. Michael Persinger was the first person to test the effects of scalar energy using isolated cells.  The scalar waves were generated by partially canceling two vortex-type magnetic fields (0.SHz, 10pT) by intersecting them in the air.  The biological endpoint, degranulation of mast cells, was increased by the scalar fields.  Dr. Puharich, in another study, grew tissue samples of E. Coli, and detected an increased activity of ubiquitone, a protein involved in DNA repair.  These results indicate that scalar energy can have a direct effect at the subcellular level as well as a direct effect on the immune system.
Another project detected an effect of scalar energy on neurotransmitter function, which mimiced the effect of antidepressant medication.  Scalars appear to modulate the basic biochemical communication between nerve cells mediated by neurotransmitters.  Cultured nerve cells called PC 12 cells were isolated from rats, and the functional properties of noradrenaline release from PC 12 cells was shown to be increased by a 500Hz monopolar square wave, and noradrenaline uptake was inhibited by a 15Hz biopolar square wave, (Rein).
Noradrenaline uptake was chosen because it is directly mediated by the plasma membrane via an intramembrane protein carrier.  The plasma membrane, with its liquid-crystal structure, is the critical cellular barrier which interfaces with the chemical and electromagnetic environment.  Since other intramembrane proteins show non-linear properties, the plasma membrane is a likely target for scalar energy.
The physiological function of carrier mediated neurotransmitter uptake is to remove excess neurotransmitter from the synaptic cleft after its release from presynaptic nerves.  Thus, inhibiting uptake results in the accumulation of the neurotransmitter in the synaptic cleft.  This is the mechanism of action of tricyclic antidepressants, since they inhibit noradrenaline uptake.
Depression is associated with decreased noradrenaline levels.  Rein exposed confluent monolayer culture of PC12 cells to noradrenaline in the presence or absence of scalar energy.  After 30 minutes, the cells were washed and centrifuged  and noradrenaline uptake measured.  Overall, uptake was inhibited by 19.5% in the presence of the scalar field as compared with the control value obtained in its absence.  This is a significant statistical difference of  p 0.01.
Researchers think a wide variety of physiological changes could be created resulting in improvement of a variety of clinical diseases, only one of which could be depression.  Scalar energy can have a direct effect on the cell membrane.  Researchers want to test whether diseased cells are preferentially sensitive to scalar energy; and what characterizes its mechanisms of action.


How does Bearden's energy science relate to quantum cosmology, the vacuum, and vector equilibrium?  Through scalars and scalar fields, the virtual vacuum plasma ("virtual particle vacuum ether").  A scalar is a vector characterized by magnitude and time.  Scalar waves (virtual particle flux wave) in the virtual state massless charge flux (vacuum), do not breach the quantum level to become observable, yet they are real.  They are oscillations of the stress energy tensor of the vacuum.
In the vacuum state everything is disintegrated, but highly dynamic.  The vacuum is not an emptiness FILLED with massless charge, rather, it IS identically massless charge (disintegrated dynamicism).  It is a plenum, not an emptiness.  It is also pure, undifferentiated action.
Multiple vectors acting on one point and summing or multiplying to zero (Vector Equilibrium Matrix) are physically still present, even though their vector resultant is a zero vector...Thus physically a zero vector can be a system having a very real, distinct sub-structure of nonzero vector components.  These infolded vector components may be highly dynamic (i.e. chaotic).  The anenergy of each infolded dynamic vector component is thus "trapped" inside the local vector zero system.
Anenergy is the stress energy of the vacuum.  "Fragments" of energy, more subtle than electromagnetic energy, turned against themselves are locked into a vector zero summation.  This is modeled as scalar, massless charge flux or virtual particle flux, or "pieces" of the spatiotemporal vacuum spacetime medium.
These observable virtual anenergy particles are rotated more than 90 degrees from the laboratory space.  Anenergy particles are the individual scalar wave components of vector electromagnetic waves.  Anenergy components may be coupled into energy, which can be compacted into mass.
Scalar fields exist for each point in space which infolds n-dimensional virtual state substructures.  Each succeedingly higher dimension is a succeedingly lower level of a virtual state.  THE VACUUM ITSELF IS SUCH A SCALAR FIELD.  This massless charge field enfolds vast electrostatic scalar potential.
Standing scalar waves can be coupled at exactly 180 degrees out of phase in a resonant cavity to create zero sums through scalar resonance.  There is just such a resonant cavity in the brain, between the pituitary and pineal glands.  These waves of potential co-modulate each other and "lock or zip together" as a zero-vector system wave.
This allows for crosstalk or translation between dimensions. Dimensions have certain primary geometrical physical attributes, such as length, used to describe the separational relationships of physical phenomena.  By geometrical we mean that the dimension is considered to "exist" in either the presence or absence of the observable physical phenomenon.  However, by agreement the dimension of itself is not directly observable.  Yet it can be inferred by measurement.
Hyperchannels for crosstalk between dimensions are known as "magic windows".  These interdimensional nodal points have a naturally tuned frequency of a good hyperchannel between orthogonal frames where scalar wave anenergies crosstalk readily.
Crosstalk normally means the transfer of energy or signal from one channel to another, by cross modulation or cross coupling between the channels.  In this new approach it refers to the virtual energy exchange between orthogonal universes or frames--that is, between different 3- or 4-dimensional slices of an infinite-dimensional universe.
Magic windows are frequency dependent. Some magic windows are 38-40 kHz, 150-160 kHz, 1.1-1.3 MHz, 1.057 (Lamb shift), and in the near ultraviolet frequency.  These frequencies represent enhanced channels between subquantal (virtual) and spatial (observable) states.  A particularly good magic window exists when the infrared and ultraviolet bands being utilized are phase-locked so that the ultraviolet represents a first harmonic of the infrared.
Also known as the Tesla wave, this standing scalar wave can be seen alternately as a time wave or a gravitational wave.  It is a wave of pure potential. It is a longitudinal scalar potential wave in massless charge, in the vacuum charge flux itself, and in pure spacetime.  Since there are no spinning charged mass particles, it does not form a vector electromagnetic wave, as conventional theory would predict.  It breaks into shadowy, virtual vectors which are not integrated.
Rigorously vector fields cannot exist in a vacuum, but can only exist on an observable mass.  A "shadow" vector field can exist in a vacuum.  In the absence of observable mass, it exists as small virtual vectors, each existing as a virtual particle in the vacuum.  Such a "shadow" vector field may be regarded as two coupled scalar fields, where the coupling is performed by the virtual particle flux of which the vacuum itself consists.
If this same holds true for the collective unconscious, it may be a physical analog for the unintegratable aspects of the archetypes in human personality.  Resonating standing scalar waves in the brain may be the physical interface for archetypes.  Since the vectors of vector equilibrium represent the paths of least resistance, they may represent preferred pathways in the brain, as suggested by the chronic reappearance of archetypal patterns.
Classical brainwaves are only the residue or "spillage" waves of the brain.  The important activity is in the specific patterning of the vector zero summations of the myriads of ion discharges.  Every "discharge ion" constitutes a small EM force vector.
The summation of these vectors is largely zeroed; however, the patterns formed by all these tiny components are not random.  The intent and will of the human being is expressed in the changes in the patterning of these dynamic substructures.  Present EM brain wave theory does not touch the basic "thought patterns," which are scalar in nature.
Consciousness refers, among other things, to the intersecting stream of monocular, one-at-a-time virtual projections into the mind from the quantum changes of photon interactions upon the body sensors [to be explained more fully later].
Memory gives the entity the illusion of moving through time.  In the absence of deeper understanding, the individual consciously sees itself as a separated physical object moving and changing in time with respect to other separated objects that it perceives.
The "externality" of certain changes in the physical world is due to the lack of mental control or influence over them.  "Internality" of certain other changes is due to the ability to mentally control or influence them.
The ordinary conscious mind is a serial processor.  Only one thing at a time is discriminated in its awareness.  But the unconscious mind is totally conscious--but multiply so, since it is a parallel processor of many discriminations at once.
The linear mind cannot directly perceive the individual discriminations of the parallel processor, since THESE APPEAR ONLY AS A BLUR OR NOTHINGNESS to it.  This is the mechanism of the barrier between the conscious and unconscious minds.
Projections from the unconscious onto the scenes of the conscious mind will thus appear symbolical--that is, having many hidden meanings at once.  This is why our dreams, for example, appear to our conscious minds as weird and distorted, but highly symbolic in nature.
The mind is a world composed of separation events (waves, operations, processes) in unseparated being.  We may model it as a physical universe, three orthogonal turns away from the ordinary physical universe, and tuned slightly selectively to one physical organism's body processes.
Eastern masters have always told us that all reality is mind-stuff.  Now we can model that process.  Mind anenergy is considered to be progressively collected, condensed, and kindled into denser substance and objects by rotation toward the ordinary physical world.  Thus a piece of inert matter is simply condensed energy, which itself is condensed anenergy, which is condensed mind flux (crosstalk) from all minds [collective unconscious].
We may model the mind physically, or model the physical as mindstuff, eliminating the artificial dichotomy between mind and matter that presently is assumed in orthodox science.
The VEM and Diamond Body are psychotronic generators for amplifying and translating mindstuff. They are devices for producing observable effects by collecting, condensing, amplifying, and/or processing subtle anenergies or scalar waves.  Psychotronic devices are virtual state engineering devices that process and utilize scalar EM waves of massless charge flux.


A photon is the basic action quantum.  It may be considered as an oscillation in and out of time.  It may also be considered as a virtual pattern of positron/electron pairs.  It is a piece of electromagnetic radiation when it interacts as a particle.
One half of the photon exists in and carries positive time (negative charge), and the other half exists in and carries negative time (positive charge).  Thus, one half is "normal" and the other half is "time-reversed" (phase conjugated).
The photon may be considered as one cycle of an electromagnetic wave.  The photon is the basic carrier of time.  It consists of a piece of energy welded to a piece of time, with no seam in the middle.  The passage of "time" thus moves at the speed of light, its carrier.  When its magnitude diminishes below the quantum threshold, a photon becomes a virtual photon, whose emission and absorption cause charge on an electron.
Photon interaction is the absorption and emission of photons by particles or objects.  The macroscopic world is created by this interaction, which is the basic quantum change interaction.
Scalar waves are emitted and absorbed by the nuclei of atoms, passing right through the electron shells without interaction.  When we introduce additional scalar interactions beyond the ambient background, the nuclei change appreciably, though this level of physical reality may be far from stable.
This is the higher reality, and it is sensed by the scalar electromagnetic functioning of our nervous system.  Unfortunately, this system outputs only to the deep unconscious, since it is highly multiocular.  Thus our conscious mind, being monocular, does not perceive the most fundamental reality in which we exist.
"Time" is the special dimension in which multiple objects can exist simultaneously in the same interval.  Time is multiocular and space is monocular.  Our conscious mind is fitted to the monocular photon interaction.  Being monocular, our conscious mind cannot be aware of time directly.  For that reason we do not "see" time consciously.  We do "see" it, however, unconsciously.
The true meaning of being "lost" is to be separated from the consciousness of the All, which is separation of our conscious, gross sensing from our finer, more subtle, and infinitely richer--and unconscious--scalar sensing of ultimate reality.  Because the effect of photon emission is "carrying away time," it forms a filter between our senses and fundamental reality.
This time-differentiation of fundamental reality, eliminates our ability to detect those things which occupy time but not normal 3-dimensional space--such as mind, thought, etc.  Almost all our thoughts, concepts, words, and ideas are fitted to this partial reality--and this is the universal human problem and delusion.  Einstein alleged that our language demands Cartesian coordinates, and thus limits our thinking.
We see a spatial universe of separated spatial objects, while in actuality we exist in an undifferentiated single wholeness.  The mindworld and the physical world (mind and matter) have in common the same time dimension.  Dynamic movements in each result in small crosstalk being projected into the other world, a crosstalk so small as to be virtual and normally unmeasurable.
The photon interaction invokes a time-differentiating operation, stripping away or suppressing the time dimension, resulting in a spatial reality or objective reality being perceived or observed.  In the process it separates mind and body by destroying the only common connection or channel.
The photon interaction is the agent that creates objectivity itself.  The photon interaction separates spacetime into space and time exclusively.  An object, being something which occupies space, is thus timeless.
Objects do not exist in time, because the union of an object with time constitutes spacetime, which cannot be perceived, detected, or observed.  Only changes in (derivations of) spacetime can be perceived, detected, or observed, but not spacetime itself.  That with which light has not interacted is not objective.
The concept of mass is not a function of time, but only a function of space.  It is thus three-dimensional.  The photon is also three-dimensional, but one of its dimensions is the time dimension.  When the photon strikes the mass and is absorbed, one portion is turned into mass by orthorotating one turn.
Its compound nucleus of spacetime is not perceivable.  When a photon is re-emitted, it may or may not be of the same frequency and energy as the previously absorbed photon, depending on the absence or presence of any other perturbations.  A small bit of spatial mass is orthorotated which turns the bit of mass into a small piece of energy.  In the rotation a small piece of time is bitten off and yields a quantum of action, which now constitutes a photon.  Photon emission thus strips away the time dimension, leaving a spatial object.
The spacetime compound nucleus has now once again been separated into spatial and time components.  Time is moving with the photon.  And that is why time moves or flows at c, the speed of light in a vacuum.  Time is carried only by the photon and photon interaction with an object produces that object's march through time.
We perceive stability within change because we cannot detect, perceive, or observe the compound nucleus of spacetime in the middle.  Thus we experience change as a thing becoming something else, but still being the same thing.


VIRTUAL (STATE): that part of physical reality consisting of changes (particles, waves, and other entities) smaller than the least detectable (quantum) change.  Disintegrated changes.  A thought or thoughtform is also virtual.  May be visualized as consisting of real, dynamic "pieces of vacuum" or "pieces of nothing"...
Every ordinary observable particle (photon, neutron, electron, proton, etc.) contains or consists of a dynamically changing cloud of virtual objects.  Exchange of virtual objects is thought to generate almost all forces of nature...The mind may be considered a special virtual universe, and thought a virtual object.  Virtual states consist of multiply nested levels, each level progressively finer and more subtle.  These sublevels also correspond mathematically to higher geometrical dimensions. (Bearden, Excalibur Briefing).


Our understanding of the processes which go on below the quantum level adds another nuance to our metaphysical concepts of the "subtle body", the relationship of mind and matter, and the relative nature of reality.  Whatever we find out about the nature of this realm, and its relationship to mass, applies to our own bodies and minds as well.
We are one and the same as the structures that underlie the matter and energy of our gross structure.  That structure is continuous, interconnected, and non-local in nature.  We have, enfolded within our being, an underlying reality even more fundamental than the structure behind the interconnected wave patterns described by quantum mechanics.
This massless counterpoint to our being has its basis in non-being.  To conceive of its nature, we must penetrate not only into the Void, but beyond--through the looking glass into a dimension where chaos is the norm.  Whatever this world is, we are that!  You share the same anatomy as the Star Goddess.  The elements of your body were cooked in the crucible of some long-exploded supernova.
This very ephemeral virtual ether translates itself into matter by turning and turning on its gyres, transforming itself from no-thing into something.  We perceive its real-time effect as electricity, without really comprehending what that energy is.
"It is well known that all mass is charged; thus everything in one sense is electricity.  To examine this concept, let us look again at the electron with its virtual photons being emitted and absorbed, which virtual activity creates the electric field of the electron."
According to Bearden, the electric field constitutes a steady activity of the emission and absorption of virtual photons.  The electron spin is more of an implosion or explosion in higher dimensional space.  Spin is occurring in at least four spatial dimensions, not just three.  It is more of an implosion or explosion into and out of this three-space universe frame.  We might visualize the implosive or explosive spin as similar to vector flux.
Two like-charged particles with precisely antiparallel spin run right through each other when they meet, with no interaction at all, electrical or otherwise.  This successful experiment at Argonne National Laboratory disproved the old idea of concrete, solid, material reality.  Yet, once again, we are that!  In the middle of being is non-being.
Before we leave the descriptions of the sub-quantal electrical activity of the body, we can examine some of the implications of bioelectromagnetism.  The most prominent researcher in this area is Robert O. Becker.
Becker is famous for his research on applying electrical fields to the body for healing and tissue regeneration.  But he has also done experiments relating the application of electromagnetic currents to the brain and results on consciousness.  Some of the most interesting are recounted in THE BODY ELECTRIC, co-authored with Gary Selden (1985).
We also found  we could work backward, using the [DC] currents to produce anesthesia.  A strong enough magnetic field oriented at RIGHT ANGLES [orthogonal] to a current magnetically "clamped" it, stopping the flow.  By placing frogs and salamanders between the poles of an electromagnet so that the back-to-front current in their heads was perpendicular to the magnetic lines of force, we could anesthetize the animals just as well as we could with chemicals, and EEG recordings of magnetic and chemical anesthesia were identical.  We got the same effect by passing a current through the brain from front to back, canceling out the normal current of waking consciousness, as in electrosleep.
Becker's further comments bear on the mind/body interface, and give a physiological mechanism for hypnosis.  It tangibly demonstrates "mind over matter."  He recounts his physical findings from hypnotized subjects.
In each case, I found that the frontal negative potential of the head became less negative, often reaching ZERO, as the client attained deep trance.  The reading changed in the same direction as in anesthesia, only not as far.  Then, when the suggestion for pain control was given, the arm potential reversed just as it had in response to procaine.  Conversely, when a control subject was asked in normal waking consciousness to concentrate forcefully on one arm, its sensitivity to pain increased, and the hand potential became more negative.  We found we could use this difference to determine whether a person was really hypnotized or just cooperating.
Some doubters (including myself, I'm afraid) had believed hypnoanalgesia was merely a state in which the patient still felt the pain but didn't respond to it, but these experiments proved it was a real blockage of pain perception.  It seems that the brain can shut off pain by altering the direct-current potentials in the rest of the body "AT WILL."  There's every reason to suppose that pain control through biofeedback or yoga likewise works by using an innate circuit for attenuating the pain signal, which releases a shot of the body's own pain-killers.  When the signal is appropriately modulated, it releases endorphins (internally produced opiates)...I predict that research on this system will eventually let us learn to control pain, healing, and growth with our minds alone, substantially reducing the need for physicians.
...We know, on the psychological level, that a person's emotions affect the efficiency of healing and the level of pain, and there's every reason to believe that emotions, on the physiological level, have their effect by modulating the current that directly cantrols pain and healing.


Every physical change of a charged particle (from proton to neutron to electron) constitutes a modulation imposed upon its virtual photonic activity creating its electromagnetic field.  These modulations collect, become coherent, and breach the threshold of the virtual dimension.  It, in turn, amplifies the signal or information, passing to the frame of the electromagnetic field.  The EM field plays an integral role in coupling the virtual state reality to observable state reality.
Action, according to physics, is the fundamental constituent of physical reality.  In metaphysics, action is the agent of karma, producing natural consequences.  Action is non-observable; only changes in action are observed, and then only partially.  The photon is the basic quantum of action, uniting energy and time.
All physical things are composed of rates of changes in action.  These action changes are totally internal to the mass itself.  Therefore, literally, the physical universe exists inside each and every part of itself, and is a giant hologram.
An ordinary photon has a certain size that is quite fixed, and it is made of the substance "action" which is totally nonperceivable and nonobservable.  Only changes in action are perceivable, observable, or detectable, never fundamental action itself.
So physics already prescribes a universe made out of action, and that universe has no length, no time, no energy, no space, no concrete existence.  Yet from it can be taken--by differentiation (which is simply separation)--any length, any time, any energy.  However, only a single quantum at a time changes or is separated.  Quanta do not superpose.
At its most fundamental level, the entire universe is continually being created and then destroyed in sequence.  The continual creation of a tiny piece of time and then the destruction of the piece of time makes us experience reality or change as if we were a pointer moving along a time line.
We cannot see time because it is continually being destroyed by the change process, the very process of physical detection or observation itself.  This is similar to the annihilation of a photon when it hits the retina and becomes absorbed.
Now, if we invoke another kind of change, a virtual change, such that its size is always smaller than the actual quantum's size, then this kind of change cannot be detected, even theoretically.  The concept of a virtual change is one such that the quantity of action that was changed was deliberately made smaller than the size required to throw the switch of detectable or observable change.  It is an infinitesimally small perturbation.
Individually, virtual photons cannot breach the threshold of quantum change, and so cannot be observed or detected.  But in concert, they do breach the threshold.  The totally unobservable, undetectable virtual photons being emitted and absorbed are conceived as creating the electric field at the same time as observable physical change (ordinary quantum change) occurs.
The electric field, of course, can cause or induce change of sufficient magnitude to breach the quantum threshold and result in observable change.  The bottom line is this: the virtual state can be collated and collected to sufficient magnitude to breach the quantum threshold and induce ordinary observable physical change.  The electromagnetic field already does precisely this!
We can coherently collect the virtual state to produce matter or its anti-matter, which after all are nothing but macroscopic assemblages of quantum changes, and we can thus get free energy, materialization and dematerialization, teleportation, and antigravity by means of special modifications and development of electromagnetic circuits.
Each photon carries a small piece of time.  And the entire virtual state reality is hanging onto that small piece of time as a modulation.  That is where the probabilities are riding, in terms of the ordinary monocular interpretation of quantum mechanics.  All the probabilities and possibilities are concretely real and occupy orthogonal universes.  Since they all share the same single time dimension, there is a TIME BRIDGE OR TIME CHANNEL [QM wormholes] connecting the universes.
Each move or change in one of them crosstalks a tiny bit into each of the others.  Since it is the photon which carries them, then each photon contains all possibilities and virtual states modulated upon itself.  Photon interaction thus involves the communication of these possibilities and virtual states to the object with which the interaction occurs.
The virtual state psychotronic modulations of the mass's electric field are now riding on the virtual photons that generate that field.
Every possibility concretely exists in that manner, in the virtual state, timewise hanging into the time dimension of the detected physical world's four-space frame, but spacewise hanging out of the ordinary three-space physical universe of objects.  So indeed all possible realities, even the wildest and the most farfetched exist in the virtual state.
THE TIME CHANNEL IS QUITE LITERALLY THE PARANORMAL CHANNEL THAT CONNECTS THE NORMAL SPATIAL WORLD TO AN INFINITY OF NON-NORMAL SPATIAL WORLDFRAMES.  Only by the continual destruction of each piece of created time (by fusing it back together with the piece of energy involved, and forming a quantum which is unperceivable) are we able to experience physical reality at all, uncluttered and relatively free from the vast hordes of infinite realities through which the ship of quantum-change physical reality sails.
Since the electromagnetic field represents a collection of this vast array of realities, then by proper selection (i.e., by coherent tuning) of multiple stages we should be able to select a particular virtual reality channel.  And indeed so we can.  Any scheme for drastically increasing signal-to-noise ratios should be adaptable to such a collection mechanism for the detection of bioenergy.


"Into the core of Nature"--
O Philistine --
"No earthly mind can enter."
The maxim is fine;
But have the grace
To spare the dissenter,
Me and my kind.
We think: in every place
We're at the center.
"Happy the mortal creature
To whom she shows no more
Than the outer rind,"
For sixty years I've heard your sort announce.
It makes me swear, though quietly;
To myself a thousand times I say:
All things she grants, gladly and lavishly;
Nature has neither core
Nor outer rind,
Being all things at once.
It's yourself you should scrutinize to see
Whether you're center or periphery.
                                                   --Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Follow me now into a much deeper level than ordinary thought, down into the atomic realm, the subatomic realm, and yes, the sub-quantum realm--deeper than the Void, into the lookinglass universe.
Theoretical physicsts are used to visualizing a world which is removed from tangible  objects by two levels of abstraction.  From tangible atoms we move by one level of abstraction to invisible fields and particles.  A second level of abstraction takes us from field and particles to the symmetry-groups by which fields and particles are related.
We are inviting you also into those rarified events beyond the observable limits of nature, at the core of the core, as far within as we dare speculate.  Scalar phenomena, while not directly visible, can be inferred.  The discerning will find that their own nature is truly reflected there, and its name is
Mystery.  So, come...into the Mystic.

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