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Qabalistic and Tantric Alchemy of Essential Oils & Incense,

by Iona Miller, ©2002

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The Magical and Ritual Use of Perfumes, by Richard and Iona Miller (Destiny Books, 1990) is a comprehensive introduction to the art and metaphysics of perfumery.  In it we explain the subtler dimensions of scent and its relationship to our deepest human impulses.

Because of their power to elicit specific responses in the body and psyche, perfumes have, through the ages, occupied an important place in ritual; scents can become the very "essence of magic," providing direct access to the emotional center of the brain and memory.  Explore the spiritual and therapeutic properties of fragrances, including their capacity to balance the personality and unlock doors to higher states of consciousness.  There are also exercises and meditations which can be used in conjunction with perfumes, giving special attention to the relationship between scents and the Hermetic arts of alchemy, qabala, and astrology.

From the dawn of time sweet smelling herbs and resins have been used to enhance our  natural scent and increase sexual desire and pleasure.  The sense of smell is hooked directly into the brain and helps us encode the strongest holistic memories for our experience.  Smell a scent again and the whole experience comes flooding back as a virtual reality.  When that experience is of sacred sex, or during sacred sex, it is an experience of VIRTUAL TANTRA, (see Hyp-Know-Sex, this site).

create a magickal atmosphere using scent
direct the mind and imagination using scent
create your own signature scent
create your own incense
create a scent for your lover
create scents for specific purposes

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