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On April 4th we had our annual Table Lodge of Instruction. It was a nice evening with about forty Brethren in attendance.

My many thanks to Brothers' Carl Myers, Ron Wood and Carl Wood for a great job in preparing our meal. 

Also thanks to W\ Richard Andrews for preparing an excellent clam chowder. Kudos Worshipful!


To our Brothers from Manchester Lodge, We are graciously appreciative of your outstanding performance in serving at our Table Lodge. Thank You, Brethren.


On April 11th we had an open house at the Lodge. We had seven men come to see what Masonry is all about.

Three of them filled out applications that day, two took applications with them and two looked very suspicious as they only looked around to see what we had. This was six more than we had the last time there was an open house.

So we will hopefully be voting on at least three candidates in June and possibly doing an Entered Apprentice Degree in July.


On April 18 the Central District held its annual charity event. This was held at Manchester Lodge and was to help the family of Aaron Boudreau who was a fourteen year old boy from West Warwick that lost his life in a car accident in Rehoboth, Massachusetts in February of 2009. The proceeds will go to help defray the cost of funeral expenses for the family.

On May 8th at Manchester Lodge #12 there will be a presentation to the Boudreau family. Please try to attend.


I apologize for the lack of support and participation from Ionic Lodge To this District Charity Event. Through an oversight on my part I neglected to mention this event in my last notice. I know the Brethren of Ionic Lodge would never turn there back’s on this Lodge or this District.


On April 29 at 7:00p.m. there will be: 

A Call of the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
A Special Communication of Grand Lodge "Will be held on Wednesday, April 29, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at Freemasons' Hall, 222 Taunton Avenue , East Providence , RI

to discuss the pending amendments to the Grand Lodge Constitution which "Will be voted upon at the upcoming Grand Lodge Annual Communication on May 18, 2009· 

In order to be in compliance "With the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code "With respect to non-profit organizations, Grand Lodge has created a Board of Governance to manage the financial affairs of Grand Lodge. The pending legislation formalizes the creation of the Board. There will be a short summary presentation of the legislation followed by a question and answer format.

  Any questions which you may have regarding the pending legislation should be presented at this informational meeting. Dress for the evening is jacket and tie, aprons and jewels.


On May 2nd Manchester Lodge will be holding their annual Ladies At The Table.

This will begin at 5:00 p.m. Donation will be $20.00

Ionic Lodge will be serving at this event. I need Brothers to step forward to help.


At our May 9th meeting we will have a guest speaker:  BG(Ret) James Dagostino.  He will be speaking on his recent trip to Viet Nam . He will also have pictures.  


The Annual Communications Grand Lodge of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

On Monday May 18th 2009 at 9:00a.m. at Freemasons' Hall, 222 Taunton Avenue , East Providence , RI

Master and Wardens are required to attend. Jacket and tie, aprons and jewels. If unable to attend, they must find a proxy.

All Past Masters are urged to attend as they are all voting members of Grand Lodge.

Any of the Brethren who are not Past Masters, Master or Wardens are also welcome to attend. They are however not eligible to vote.

This is a good opportunity to see the installation ceremony of the Grand Lodge Officers. There will be many visiting Brethren from other Grand Lodge jurisdictions throughout the county and Canada .


At our June 6th meeting I am planning on a steak fry for Brothers and their Ladies. We will open our meeting first and then go to dinner, after which we will have an evening for fellowship.

I will have a cost and deadline for reservations in next months notice.


Brethren, I would like to encourage more participation from all of you, both at Lodge meetings and other events that we participate in.

There are 106 members of Ionic Lodge and only about twenty that participate on a regular basis. If you need a ride to Lodge please call me or any other Officer and that will arranged. If parking to far from the door is an issue, then stops in front of the walk and come in. We will park your car for you and retrieve it when you’re ready to leave. (There is no tipping for valet, Brothers) We also have a chairlift for the stairs so you don't have to climb them. We would like to see you all as I haven't met all my Brothers from Ionic. 

Please Brothers again, come and join us for fellowship and friendship.



Glenn R. Gardner

Worshipful Master  




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