Free and Accepted Masons
of the
State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

Suite of Officers for 2008-2009

L-R Front Row: W\Richard Andrews; Worshipful Master, W\Glenn Gardner; R\ W\DDGM Southern District, Raymond Hassell; Marshal,  R\W\Earl Randall; Senior Warden, W\Wilfred Farley; Secretary, Don Mathieu; Senior Deacon,  Gustave Lundh; W\GMC Southern District, W\Rick Baccus; Top Row: Treasurer, Walter Phaneuf;  Junior Warden, Robert Tierman; Sentinel, Raymond Chapman; Junior Deacon, Carl Myers; Senior Stewart, Ronald Wood; Junior Steward, Carlton Wood

Worshipful Master W\Glenn R. Gardner 401-295-5195 Glenn Gardner
Senior Warden W\Wilfred J. Farley 401-568-7657 Wilfred Farley
Junior Warden Robert F. Tiernan, Jr. 401-473-5277 Robert Tiernan
Treasurer Walter G. Phaneuf 401-828-6361 Walter Phaneuf
Secretary Don E. Mathieu 401-295-2708 Don Mathieu
Chaplain R\W\Thomas R. Yeaw 401-539-0035 Tom Yeaw
Senior Deacon Gustave L. Lundh 401-397-3503 Gus Lundh
Junior Deacon Carl C. Meyers 401-447-4925 Carl Meyers
Senior Steward Ronald Wood 401-397-2353 Ron Wood
Junior Steward Carlton Wood 401-385-9011 Carl Wood
Marshal R\W\Earl L. Randall 401-397-3461 Earl Randall
Sentinel W\Raymond L. Chapman 401-397-5194 N/A
Musical Director W\John W. Spicer 401-884-5995 N/A
Tiler William E. Oliveira 401-369-3325 William Oliveira

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