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I have a Squire Showmaster it has good sound, is smooth to play and looks cool. It's one of the best guitars I have ever played but it has a slight buzzing on the second fret of the sixth string. It has a Floyd Rose Tremolo System which is good but has a few problems. It is great clean in dirty. It has more than 22  frets so solos are good on this guitar.

My second guitar is a Hamer Slammer XP. It is amazing! It is such a bargain it is so cheap but seems like a guitar three times its price. I bought it from . I am in a band we play anything really but it has to be pretty heavy. Me and our other guitarist both have these but his is red not black. We look like old thrash bands! It is a very powerful guitar. The balance is great. The only bad things about it are that there are only 22 frets so some solos are unplayable and the pickup selector is quite far away to access really quickly. It has a lot of bass but if you don't like that you can easily adjust the pickups and use the tone control. The guitar is very very tough. I wouldn't like to get in a fight with it. It is solid and very thick. The cases have to be huge for this thing and it is very heavy but I like my guitars tough so they don't fall to pieces.

My amp is a Line6 Spider II it is unbelievable. There are a total of 12 built in amp models and they are all unique and awesome sounding. There are a truck load of effects, options and features which sets this half-stack in the lead of this price and type of amps

This Wah-Wah pedal is the best! It really adds to your solos and makes you sound like a pro-guitarist. I can understand why so many guitarists stand by this as the best Wah-Wah on the market today!


This pedal is a beast! It blows the competition away. The only bad thing is it sounds bad if the levels are right up. This is the best distortion pedal in he world! It can make your amp very loud and solos are nothing with out it. The pedal can go from screeches to thumping bass. If you put the level up and gain down you will get crunch.