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Iris' Den

'Iris' Den'

Hi! Thank you for visiting my web site. My name is Becky and my dog, Iris, is a black and tan, female, German Shepherd. I got her for my 9th birthday when she was almost 2 years old. I have loved German Shepherds and dogs ever since I can remember. Everything on this web site is about Iris and German Shepherds. (To find out more about Iris go to Iris' Page.)

I take Iris to CarDunAl ODTC for obedience. For agility I go to Follow That Dream Agility. There are plenty of things to look at, so visit again soon.

A GSD doing the high jump

AKC Registered name: Iris Von Der Felzen Haus CDX, NAP, NJP, CGC
Call name: Iris
Nicknames: Isis, I-ri, I
Breed: German Shepherd Dog (GSD)
Spayed: Yes
Titles/Legs: CGC (Canine Good Citizen), CD (Companion Dog), CDX (Companion Dog Excellent), NAP (Novice Agility Preferred), NJP (Novice Jumpers Preferred), 2 legs of NA (Novice Agility), 2 legs of OAP (Open Agility Preferred), 2 legs of U-CD (UKC Companion Dog)
Age: 7 years old
Birthdate: 2-28-97
Weight: 63 lbs.
Height: 22.5 in.
Favorite Toy: Talking stuffed toys (ya no, the one's the moo and quack)

Best Viewed with a GSD
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