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This page offers studies in theology and cosmology from an Irminic perspective. Of course the benchmark website with regards to Irminenschaft is that made available by the
Irminen-Gesallschaft. This page is only a contribution toward that effort.

This being said, I should make clear that the thoughts represented in this site are not representative of all members of the Irminen-Gesallschaft, of all Irminen, or even of all Heathens. The thoughts represented here re my own. But, as I have been told that many of my thoughts on these matters are useful ones, I have created this site as a means of sharing them with the world. I hope that readers will find the information herein of value as well.

Before we begin, though, what in the nine worlds is Irminenschaft? Irminenschaft is the organic German expression of Heathenry as it has come down to us in modern times. It is NOT an effort at revivifying ancient forms any more than it is a new creation; rather, it is the natural evolution of our folk tradition as we have inherited it through German history. In this Irminenschaft is a cousin to Hedenskap (Norwegian), Vor Sišur (Icelandic), and
other Heathen survivals.
This site is divided into four major subsections. The first three are
Theology (gods and other wihts), Cosmology (runes and the worlds) and Mittigart (daily life here in Mannaheim), all of which are all penned by myself. Irminenschaft bears a very close relationship with other approaches to modern Heathenry, and, as such, it does not see itself as being in competition with other Heathenrys as a contributing part of the greater whole. In recognition of this there is a section for Contributions which includes articles of worth by authors of other forms of Heathenry.

It is my hope that readers will find this site to be both interesting and informative, and that this effort will not only promote the German expression of our faith, but will also aid in the advancement of the growth and understanding of Heathenry as a whole.

I am the vice-president of the
Irminen-Gesallschaft, a national organization formed to help promote the German expression of Heathenry.
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Steve Anthonijsz
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