The Irresistible Yotan!

Eep! Warnings!

Ye-eah, here's the customary splash page. This is where I warn you about all the big, bad, evils my site holds. Think you can handle it? *menacing grin*

  • This site uses inline frames and fun stuff like that. I only have IE 5.5 so I don't know if it shows up in any other browser. My apologies if it doesn't
  • Every moniter I have access to is 800x600. I don't know how it looks on any other size. My apologies if it looks horrible.
  • I'm a yaoi fan. All yaoi material is clearly marked. My apologies if it offends.
  • I'm a lime/lemon fan. All of that is clearly marked. My apologies if it offends.
  • I'm a profanity user. That's everywhere. My apologies if it offends.
  • I don't own Weiss Kreuz. No apologies on this because I don't know how that could offend you.
  • This is a Yohji shrine. My site is devoted to him. No apologies at all if offends, because you can use that nifty back button on your browser to high-tail it out of here.

Yes, that should cover it all. Now that all bases have been touched, I give thee leeway to...