"A Son of the Circus" will begin filming in India this year.  After a decade of writing and re-writing, Irving's screenplay is in production.  As a matter of fact, Irving wrote the screenplay before the 1994 same-titled novel.

This will be the second Irving screenplay brought to the big screen.  The other one is "The Cider House Rules".

Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges are rumored to be starring.  Producer Richard Gladstein and director Lasse Hallstrom will reunite with Irving for this film.

Reported by Marilyn Beck & Stacy Jenel Smith
March 22, 2000

** In October, 2000, Irving announced during an interview at Spence School that he is currently working on an original screenplay.  He will be collaborating once again with Lasse Hallstrom.  No word yet on the future of Circus-- the movie.
Jessica Lange Jeff Bridges
Irving as screenwriter
From the Mouth of the Maestro:

"In the case of 'A Son of the Circus', which I have been writing as a screenplay for a mere eight years, I have made the main character, Dr. Daruwalla, a minor character in the film; two minor characters from the novel, the children who are sold to the circus, have become major, and another minor character, the Jesuit missionary, has become the hero of a romantic comedy-- the missionary is the movie's actual star."

-A Conversation with John Irving
Random House