Collecting John Irving

A Selective and Excessive Bibliography - A Work in Progress
Misc. Paperback editions:

Setting Free The Bears - First Ballantine Books printing January 1970. 01812 095
The World According To Garp -
Pocketbook editions 1979:
     dark red cover with Garp's Father T. S. Garp in flight jacket
     bright red cover with Garp's Father in flight jacket
     green cover with Jennie Field and Garp
     dark blue cover with Garp and Helen [Canadian copy]
     silver cover with Garp and hookers
     light blue cover with Garp, Duncan and Walt
     movie tie-in with Robin Williams as Garp on fold-out cover with the rest of the cast on the inside of fold-out (1981)
The World According to Garp - box set, 1979- Pocketbook Edition with first three novels.
The World According to Garp - Black Swan paperback editions [England] 1986, 1990, 1992, 1994.
The World According To Garp - Corgi Book [England] 1994
The World According to Garp - Ballantine trade paperback #345-41801-8-1295 [1997]
The Cider House Rules - 1985 William Morrow large format paperback [Paperback Book Club edition]
The Cider House Rules - Ballantine trade paperback movie tie-in edition #345-38765-1 [1999] with Tobey Maguire as Homer Wells on cover
A Prayer For Owen Meany - 1990 William Morrow large format paperback [Paperback Book Club edition]
A Son of the Circus - 1995 Random House large format paperback [Paperback Book Club edition]
Trying To Save Piggy Sneed - First U.S. paperback edition. Includes additional photographs. 1997
Introductions to books:

Streetwise: Photographs by Mary Ellen Mark - Aperture Books 1985
Leah, New Hampshire - The Collected Stories of Thomas Williams - William Morrow and Co., Inc.  New York, 1992 pp. 7-13
Indian Circus -by Mark Ellen Mark -  Forward by John Irving, Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 1993
Charles Dickens - A Christmas Carol and Other Stories - With An Introduction by John Irving, Modern Library hardcover 1995
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens - Introduction by John Irving.  Bantam Classics, ISBN 0553213423 paperback, 1982.
Cat and Mouse and Other Writings (German Library Vol. 93) by Gunther Grass, Edited by A. Leslie Willson, Introduction by John Irving.  Continuum Pub Group, ISBN 0826407323, 1994.
Books which include Irving poems, short stories, and non-fiction:

Year of Dog - (Putney, Vt.) - includes poem "For Fitch Retired" (1972) [not in my collection, nor in anybody's it seems...]
The Pushcart Prize II: Best of the Small Presses - (1977) Includes "Pension Grillparzer"
The Pension Grillparzer - Logan IA: Perfection Form Co., 1980.  From "Trail Blazers" series, 64 pages with study guides and questions, vocabulary tests, and information about, and photo of, the author.
Wonders: Writings and Drawings for the Child in Us All -  Rolling Stone Press/Summit Books 1980. Includes "The Old Friends".
Prize Stories - The O'Henry Awards - Vol. 61. (1981) Doubleday ISBN 0 385 15977 3. Includes "Interior Space", hardcover.
Last Night's Stranger: One Night Stands and Other Staples Modern Life - ed. by Pat Rotter. A&W Pub., New York(1982). Includes "Other People's Dreams" p 57 hardcover.
Toni Morrison - Critical Perspectives: Past and Present - Amistad Literary Series, edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and K.A. Appiah. Amistad Press (1993) Includes "Tar Baby" from the New York Times Book review originally published March 29, 1981. ISBN 1 56743 012 0 paperback
Voicelust: Eight Comtemporary Fiction Writers on Style - Edited by Allen Wier and Don Hendrie, Jr. University of Nebraska Press, 1985, pp 87-92. Includes: "The Narrative Voice" by John Irving
The Writers Handbook - 1992 Edition - Contains "Getting Started" on p. 65. 1992
Conversations on Writing Fiction: Interviews with 13 Distinguished Teachers of Fiction Writing in America - edited by Alexander Neubauer, Harper Collins, 1994, "John Irving" on pp 141-152
Playboy Stories - The Best of Forty Years of Short Fiction - edited with an introduction by Alice K. Turner. Playboy Press 1995. Includes "Brennbar's Rant"  ISBN 0 525 93735 8 hardcover
Unleashed - Poems by Writer's Dogs -  Edited by Amy Hempel and Jim Shepard, p. 36 "Untitled" by John Irving. Crown Pub., Inc. New York, 1995, 1st Edition hardcover
Die blaurote Luftmatratze [The Blue/Red Air Mattress] - 15 Schriftsteller lassen sich treiben, edited by Detlev Reinert. Ullstein Taschenbuchverlag, 1998, Germany. #3-548-24205-7. Includes: "Die blaurote Luftmatratze" by John Irving.
Books on Tape, CD, Misc. Readings:

Setting Free The Bears - read by Dan Lazar.  Eight 1 1/2 hour  cassettes from Books on Tape (#1358) New York
The Water-Method Man - read by Dan Lazar. Eight 1 1/2 hour  cassettes from Books on Tape (#1359) New York
The World According to Garp -  Boston Mercy and The Pension Grillparzer read by John Irving. Two cassettes from Newman Communications (1985)
The World According To Garp [15 cassettes/library edition]
The World According To Garp [$64] - Books On Tape, Inc.,  December 1984. ISBN#999829777X
The World According To Garp [$56] - Books on Tape, Inc., June  1987. ISBN#9998297737
The Cider House Rules [16 cassettes]
A Prayer For Owen Meany - "Boxed Cassette Reading by John Irving to Book Trade and Media", March 1989 [from Publishers Weekly ad]
A Son of the Circus - Brilliance Corporation's Bookcassette, The Complete Book in Audio [9 cassettes/26 hours of listening]
Great American Humor: 16 Unabridged Stories - Audio Partners, Inc. 1997 [includes a reissue of the above title "The World According to Garp: Boston Mercy and the Pension Grillparzer" as read by John Irving from Newman Communications]
A Widow For One Year - Random House Audiobooks, May 1998,  #0-375-40290-X [14 cassettes/24 hours] Read by George Guidall
The World According To Garp - Random House Audiobooks, May, 1998,  #0-375-400384-1 [12 cassettes/approx. 20 hours] Read by Michael Prichard. Includes an introduction written and read by John Irving
Brennbars Fluch. Rettungsversuch fur Piggy Sneed - 1 Cassette. Sprecher: Doris Wolters und Hubertus Gertzen, 1996. 88gr. Best.-Nr.37132. ISBN: 3-99-4371-3-2,KNO-NR: 6 67 78 00
Witwe fur ein Jahr [A Widow For One Year] - Kein & Aber Audio 0699 [CD] Libri:4887891, ISBN 3-906547-84-1, 1999. Live- Aufnahme der english-deutschen Lesung im Berliner  Ensemble. Laufzeit ca. 63 Minuten. Read by John Irving and Holger Teschke on April 17, 1999.
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