The Prefix 'Ismisha', comes from the phonetic spelling of the Irish phrase
'is mise'; loosely translated as 'I am' (as in 'I am...' or 'my name is...')

Situated in a busy residential area of Dublin, Ireland, our Abyssinians, Burmese & Singapuras live indoors with our neutered non-pedigree cats, a Jack Russell Terrier and two Great Danes.

Our kittens are born and reared indoors as part of our family. 
By the time they ready to go to new homes, they are fully vaccinated, registered with the GCCFI & GCCF,and are well socialised and acclimatised to the hustle
and bustle of modern life.

Dedicated to animal welfare, I haved trained as a veterinary nurse and worked for the Wicklow SPCA.  The future health and happiness of our kittens is first priority.
Enquiries on kittens and future litters are welcomed, however, our kittens will only be placed in loving permanent homes.
Abyssinian, Burmese & Singapura Cats
Dublin, Ireland
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We have KITTENS!!!!
From Ireland - Ph. 01-4630665
Mobile  - 086 1904836
Outside Ireland Ph. 00 353 1 4630665
UK Pr Ismisha Debaser - photo by Amy French (c)
Bitty - Singapura - Int Champion Mikamosi Ismisha Satu
Our Usual Abyssinian girl - Mary Tyler Moore
Update September 2008 - Please visit my new website
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