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It Rhymes.
Writings - Stories and Reports by me, including the adventure story Atlantis and the suspense story The Man Who Looked Up.
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Empty Box Pictures - My filmmaking company. Includes a chronology of films, current projects, and photos of the amateur actors featured in my films.
The Movie Page - under construction
Photos - Various pictures I've taken with my digital camera.
Pigs on Parade - Plastic pigs who travel the world.
theme park central
- Links to theme parks in Mid-America, the Ultimate Guide to Six Flags St. Louis, and amusement park reviews.
   Welcome to the one and only Gabe's Page. This site is devoted to my interests, hobbies, and anything I like. Feel free to look around and email me comments:
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This column includes updates to this website and other items of interest.

8/12/2005 - Completed a long-overdue redesign and update of the Empty Box Pictures and chronology pages. Also created a new page for Fries Frame Productions.

8/10/05 - Added a Facebook link, caption, and new slogan. Also began redesigning the Empty Box Pictures chronology.

7/05 - Added a new pic and updated the Park Checklists.

1/10/04 - Pigs on Parade, Home, and Empty Box Chronology were updated.

12/23/03 - Six Flags - The Ultimate Guide, Pigs on Parade, and Empty Box Pictures were updated, new pictures added.

8/11/03 - Index updated. Skysite removed.

5/10/03 - Menu updated. More links added to theme park central.

2/22/03 - theme park central and Six Flags St. Louis - The Ultimate Guide were updated.

4/11/02 - theme park central - phase 1 - was opened.

8/22/01-The updates section was updated. The guestbook was improved.
    A few years ago I found out about the Bianca Broussard scam. I recieved an email a couple years ago from a person named Bianca Broussard, commenting that she noticed my writing style and thought I should try creating a weblog at I actually replied, but never got an answer. That's because Bianca Broussard is a non-existent person invented by Xanga as a marketing ploy for their weblogs. If you have a Geocities site, you probably received the same email.
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