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Why are we "Israel Action Info"?

Are you as frustrated as we are?  It really bothers us when we see, hear and read highly distorted anti-Israel picture of events in the Middle East. 

The state of Israel is in Crisis, in effect a WAR. This WAR is fought on two fronts. Israeli civilians and soldiers fight in the field. The rest of us need to fight in the Media.

US media coverage of the current conflict in Israel has, for the most part, been outrageously biased against the Israelis and in favor of the so called palestinians. We urge all of Israel's supporters to monitor their local media carefully and respond to as much poor or biased coverage as possible.

Write letters to our elected officials, editors, local reporters and administrators of the companies that run the media.  Demand that they provide genuine balance and objectivity in covering Israel and the Middle East.

Ask your friends and family to help spread the message.  Let them know that anti-Israeli messages in the media are viewed by Us as anti-Semitic.  Encourage your friends that write to help write articles, and press releases.

Let your elected officials know that unconditional support of the only true democracy in the Middle East is a job requirement and you will vote them out if they refuse to vote and speak out in favor of Israel.

Please use the links to the left to learn more about the current crisis and to take action.

We are "Israel Action Info" because we provide the information needed to take action, political action!


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