Born in Montebelluna (Treviso, Italy) on 1982, March 4th, starting from September 1986 Alessandra begins to attend some classical dance schools around her town.

In June 1994 she wins the third absolute prize in the National Competition "Rya Teresa Legnani" (Cecchetti method), then she holds the fourth degree exams in Firenze, obtaining the highest mark "honours".

She participates to several perfecting workshops and trainings with Masters of international renown such as Herida May, Pauline King, Anna Maria Prina, Mauro Astolfi, Prudence Bowen, Bella Racinskaja, Claudio Ronda, Clarissa Mucci, Margarita Smirnova, Fabrizio Monteverde, Joseph Fontano, Ena Naranjo, Gigi Caciuleanu, Gabriella Tipaldi, Roberto Baiocchi, Christopher Huggins, Matteo Bittante, Ricardo Melendez, Nicoletta Jacopini, Giovanni Cilluffo, Carlo Sfolgori.

She also participates to dance exhibitions throughout many important theatres in northern Italy, often as a soloist. In November 1994 she holds the RAD method fifth level exams obtaining again "honours".

In the summer 1997 she goes auditioning, to be accepted into the Scuola Europea di Danza del Teatro Carcano di Milano, in the École Supérieure de Danse de Cannes "Rosella Hightower" and in the Hungarian Dance Academy of Budapest, after thorough respective commission examinations, obtaining all the three opportunities of admission.

She enters Rosella Hightower’s school, where she studies ballet, contemporary and jazz intensively, underneath the guide of prestigious teachers as Rosella Hightower, James Urbain, Patricia Carey, Claudie Winzer, Arlette Castanier, Hacène Bahiri, Jean Marion for classical technics; Christophe Duveau for dance-therapy and kinesiology; Monet Robier, Inga Sterner, Stephanie White, Fréderic Lescure and Joëlle Donati for contemporary technics (Martha Graham, José Limon, Merce Cunningham); Monica Saez and Ben Monder for jazz (Matt Mattox technics). The school also invited soloists of Angelin Preljocaj Dance Company and Claude Brumachon’s one, to integrate their pupils’ experience. Alessandra also studies music, theatral and choreographical improvisation, singing and guitar.

In April 1999, Alessandra has the role of first dancer, the Marquise, in the annual spectacle given by the E.S.D.C. of Madame Hightower dealing with the story of the Marquis de Cuevas in the Palais of Festivals.

In June 2000, she completes the studies in the E.S.D.C. obtaining the Diploma of dancer from a French National Commission and the high school graduation in the Conservatoire and in the "Lycée Masséna" of Nice. The results of the "bac danse" are 16/20 in contemporary and ballet, 20/20 in jazz and the mention "good" from the high school "Lycée Technique S.te Marie" de Cannes.

In May 2000 she is engaged in the contemporary dance company "Mario Piazza" in Rome. In September she attends some lessons and seminars with Daniel Tinazzi and Giorgio Rossi, before being noticed by the choreographer Micha Van Hoecke, always obtaining positive remarks. On November 20th she begins to work as a soloist in the "Gruppomagnetika" (Frascati, Rome) directed by Sonia Nifosi (, during a tournée of the production "Quem quaeritis?" that brings her in the main theatres of Lecce, Brindisi, Terracina, Nola, Matera, Francavilla.

She leaves twice to Bern (Switzerland), where she participate to the daily dance lessons of the Bern Ballett, watching their rehearsals and spectacles.

From June 2001 to March 2002 she works in the "Ensemble" of Micha Van Hoecke, next to personalities like Luciana Savignano, Ruben Celiberti, Gheorghe Iancu, Marzia Falcon, Marco Pierin, Vittoria Ottolenghi in the productions of "La dernière danse?", "Pèlerinage" and "Peter and the wolf".

She attends several ballet lessons with Marina Van Hoecke, Pina Jarrusso and Michela Barasciutti, and holds positively two exams at the University of Bologna (DAMS: Disciplines of Art, Music and Spectacle, option Music).

During the summer 2002 she works in the Maria Grazia Torbol’s "Danza Viva" dance company around Rovereto, near the first dancers Enkel Zhuti and Francesca Matrundola.

At the end of August 2002 she is called back by Sonia Nifosi, where she dances in the production of "Cappello, cappotto e ombrello" next to Rome, and stays in her "Theatre Dance Company Gruppomagnetika" to perfect her dance training.

In december Enkel Zhuti calls her back again to do some variations of classical repertoire in Rovereto and Trento.

Alessandra collaborates with the musicians and composers Stefano Morelli (piano) and Carlo Pellizzari (violin) of the musical duo "Ensemble Atmosphère" and the dancer Luciano Firi in the spectacle "Danzando al Café Concert".

She teaches music to the dance professors who must obtain their dance teaching diploma.