Rare pages of Cilea in a CD of class 
A disk for Francesco Cilea: three Genoese interpreters have engraved a monographic CD devoted not to the lyric pages recently more notes of the realistic composer, as the "Adriana Lecouvreur" or the "Arlesiana", on the contrary to his/her production of chamber music. Realized from the house record Agorà, the incision it proposes passages for violin, cello and piano realized during the long and unusual creative arc of the composer of Calabrian origin…. 

Giorgio De Martino
Il Secolo XIX 1999

Sonatas for piano with accompaniment of violin vol. I
Anfossi, Vassilev. Rivoalto CRR 9812.  61'33 '.   
Notes (It. Ingl.) .Distribution Ducale, Brebbia (Varese). 
Technical judgment: Good. DDD. Stereo. I study St. Martin. 1998 
Interpretation: Excellent 
The precocious talent of Clement he addressed since immediately and with good results toward the compositions for piano with  sonata in the greatest flat, as it is been worthwhile to one of the personalities more imposing of the years to horse between the XVIII and the XIX century. To him the immense worth goes to have instructed the genius of Bonn and to have influenced with sonatas of the op. 12 some of the fundamental style of the first sonatas for piano of  youth student. In the CD in examination I/you/they have proposed three sonatas dall'op.3 composed from Clement in 1779, all of them structured in two times of character rather diamond and gallant anchor distantly, according to the legacy of J.C. Bach. In these first three sonatas the musicians  give excellent interpretations...


Andrew Giovanni Lucchi 
Cd Classical January 1999

Pages from living room 
After having listened exclusively till now to this first selection of the vast production in the kind of in partnership Muzio Clement -author to the production for piano-it's clear that the formulation of these texts is at its very first beginnings, but the style is clearly already addressed toward an important composition. It is worth for Clement (as for the first picked Mozartiana, after all)  is the ancient formula of "Played with accompaniment of Violin" and straight it is worth the convention that in the jobs in three time-here the first two Sonatas of the op. 13 -the central movement (affectionate Larghetto and Larghetto) is entrusted to the alone piano, that is expressed in gallant lyric confessions… ...this character agreeably from living roome, with short melodies, well separate expressive circles…… ...and a delicious redemption which makes real good time listening

Angelo Foletto
Suonare 1999

"...with the critic precision that countersigns his work, Anfossi refuses this approach resolutely, almost putting instead in prominence the proximity to the style Bieder-maier of J.C. Bach.-of made well however a great deal in his/her execution… .Cd indeed not losing…." 
"...Anfossi, Vassilev and Glavina, are absolutely at ease with these texts of extraordinary formal elegance and amazing melodic wealth, it emerges in clear way the sincere fun of the musicians…."   
"... the touch of Anfossi, refined interpreter,… . the depth of XIX century piano… as you can listen whenever the score allows of to widen in adagios and slow times. Neither the brilliant quartet falls when Bolling calls for jazz, expressing instead a  remarkable footstep swing … perfect .recording for the neatness, for the balancing of the tools and for the wealth of the dynamics. Wonderful work, deserving  great success both in sales and critical approvals  …." 


Giovanni Choukhadarian 
The Mellophonium 2000