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Da "Acquiring The Taste":
Acquiring the Taste

Da "Three Friends":
Mister Class And Quality

Three Friends (1)

Three Friends (2)

Three Friends (3)

Da "Octopus":

Raconteur, Troubadour

The Boys In The Band
Think Of Me With Kindness (1)
Think Of Me With Kindness (2)
+ Excerpts From Octopus (da "Totally Out Of The Woods")

Da "In A Glass House":
In A Glass House
The Runaway

Da "The Power And The Glory":

Cogs In Cogs

Playing The Game

So Sincere

Da "Free Hand":
Free Hand
Just The Same

On Reflection (1)
On Reflection (2)
+ On Reflection - Versione Live (da "Playing The Fool")

Da "Interview":
I Lost My Head