Considerations on the techniques and the materials of Sirtori sculptures


It seems that a great artist of the past has said that the shape is already enclosed in the material and that the art of carving consists in removing that is too much.

This vision of the sculpture limits the freshness and the immediacy of the work, requires the execution of preliminary sketches, doesn't allow any changes.

For that Sirtori  prefers to model the clay.

This has remarkable advantages, the speed of execution, the possibility to modify the work during the execution, the possibility to make contained dimensions statues and therefore usable inside of  home rooms.

The final job turns out fresh, vital, emanates energy, otherwise of the statues carved in  stone that gives the sense of cold and death.

An other reason that perhaps fascinates to unconscious level is pleasure to create a shape from  nothing, with the only hands, using the earth pasted with the water and made almost eternal by fire and air.

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