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Created by Paola Vaccari, Novara, Italy
Release date: July 22, 2004 - Updated on: Thursday, July 22, 2004


There are tons of Roger Moore biographies all over the Web so it is useless put here another one, you can check for instans these links:

Biography section at "Roger Moore @ Polish Fan Site"

Roger Moore biography in his own words


There are also a lot of books about Roger Moore and his work, you can check for instance this link for a detailed list:

Bibliography section at "Roger Moore @ Polish Fan Site"


Here I'd like to put some phrases, opinions about Roger Moore, taken from the book I own:

Roger Moore - a biography

Roy Moseley
with Philip & Martin Masheter

New English Library 1985

From this sentences taken from the past you can see how Roger Moore was a really good man also before UNICEF time, so what we can say now that he has given outstanding service to the world's children!


page 21
1944 - Brian Desmond Hurst, "Caesar and Cleopatra" director:
"He fitted in very well with my friends because he was so handsome, charming and always had lovely manners. He was wanted by everybody but he was very choosy. He wasn't a nun and he wasn't a play-about either. He took care of himself and was very highly respected by all of us because he did his work beautifully. His austery was not oppressive."

page 46
1950 - Eleanor Sommerfield, leading lady in the play "Lady Purr" where Roger had one line at the end:
"One look and I felt this is a future film star: physically he was hanbsome and well-built, he could act and he had such enormous charm too - he lacked noting."

page 70
Glenn Ford:
"When Roger come to MGM he brought a touch of class to the studio when he arrived. We all become a little better because of his presence. Roger Moore made the two separate words 'gentle' and 'man' very clear. His treatment of everybody, in front of the camera and behind, was equally good. He set an example for all of us. I have nothing but respect and shall always remain that way.

page 139
1963 - "The Saint" producer Robert Baker:
"In all the years we made The Saint Roger wasn't late once in the studio; he was an absolutely total professional. He was a tremendous asset because if you do a thing for a long time it can become awfully boring - but Roger was such fun on the set, and he always knew everyone by their first name and knew all about them. Everybody loved him."

page 181
1971 - actor Tony Curtis on the set of "The Persuaders":
"I loved him as a director: he was outstanding, because to be directed by Roger is not to be directed (...) It was a collaboration, which is what direction is.

page 243
1979 - actor Antony Perkins on the set of "North Sea Hijack":
"I liked Roger Moore. He has a great personality, uniquely his own. He is a very talented actor an a lovely man to work with."

page 254
1979 - "Sea Wolves" producer Euan Lloyd:
"Having Roger around is like havinq a shower in the middle of the jungle where the humidity is unbearable. Sometimes the temperature on a film becomes very difficult to live with but Roger, just by walking on the set, by his presence and a quick remark - never unpleasant, but some intelligent remark - can cool a situation."

page 267
Bryan Forbes:
"Roger's great saving grace is that he has never altered. Success has not altered him, except to make him more generous. It's a fight to get Roger to let you take him out to dinner. He's the most generous host."

page 277
Charlie Isaacs, a friend in Hollywood:
"Roger doesn't like to hear about sickness and death. He shies away from it. He likes to hear about happiness. He wants life to be beautiful and happy."

Agent Dennis Selinger:
"There's no argument that you won't find a better father anywhere in the world. He's marvellous with the kids - he dotes on them and is with them at any opportunity."

page 278
Lewis Gilbert, who directed him in two James Bond films:
"None Roger's troubles were ever told you as serious troubles. They were always made to sound very, very funny. However sad it was underneath, it would sound funny. I think that is Roger's protection from the world - that's the way he gets through life. He doesn't show himself very easily. Roger will never reveal his true self. However down he is, however sad he is, whatever problem he has - he always covers it up with a veneer of humour."

page 280
Leslie Charteris regards him socially as "... a terrific entertainer. He just has got that gift. I don't think Roger is ever boring. He can be one of those 'life of the party' people because he has this tremendous repertoire of stories that he can tell very well."