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    Picture is a diagram from a device found in the Greek island of Antikithira. It turned out to be a very sophisticated and complex mechanism with about 40 interlocking cog wheels of varying sizes, 9 adjustable scales, and 3 axes on a base plate. An indicator of the precision of this piece is the central cog which has 240 teeth, each only 1.3mm high. Non-intrusive photographic techniques of the different layers inside the device have revealed each layer to be only 2mm thick. The "Antikithira" device turned out to be a complex computer for calculating the calendars of the sun and the moon. It's possible the device to be from 75-85 B.C. The authors of the book "Ancient Inventions" Peter and Nick Thorpe stated the Ancient Greeks should be credited with use of an early form of the Computer.   Indeed if you think this device as Hardware and the mathematic relationships build based upon , was the software, then you can easily say that was an early form of a computer. Since then Computer was improved and redesigned hundreds of times. It went through a lot of changes and has reached astronomical  figures of calculations and productivity. The quest for even better computers continues. This quest makes the software quality issue as top priority.  The Center for the Advancement of Software Quality is the vehicle for ITQA Services to participate at this effort. We share the hopes and the dreams of  IT Industry to find better ways and advance the Software Quality.

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