Who create Mario?

Shigeru Miyamoto
born in Kyote in 1953

Miyamoto is a genius that has been developing all the Mario games and the Zelda, Kirby and Donkey Kong series and most of the other games that Nintendo has made! He is still working on new Nintendo games. Shigeru became the first person to get into the The Interactive Academy fo Arts and Sciences´s Hall of Fame! This is a price that is given only to the ones that has developed new and extraordinary things within the digital industry.

Miyamoto was a student at Kanazawa Art and Craft University but 1977 he started working for Nintendo in Tokyo as a game designer, creating artwork for their arcade games. Shigeru first wanted to be either a designer, promotor, cartoonist or musician but at first he was designing arcade games. His first project as the boss of the Game&Watch team was to continue on a sad game named Radarscope, but Miyamoto trashed the whole project and with the help of Gunpei Yokoi he started working on the game Donkey Kong starring the new character Mario allthough that he wasn´t named Mario yet! Donkey Kong soon became Nintendo´s first real hit! Shigeru and Gunpei later did a Popeye game that sold about a million copies and became a big hit too. Then Shigeru got his own team called Joho Kaihatsu or Entertainment-team with who he has done all the Mario and Zelda games.

When the SNES was developed Miyamato and his team got 15 months to develop both Super Mario World, F-Zero, Pilotwings and Zelda III! Then his main task at Nintendo has been to improve all sorts of games, but Shigeru has also produced some games, for example Super Mario World 2, and Super Mario RPG.

To the release of the Nintendo 64 he was set to develop the consoles flagship Super Mario 64 but was at the same time involved in almost all the other companies Nintendo 64 games at the same time! 

Miyamoto has got a wife and 2 kids. The game he enjoyed the most to produce is the convertion of Sim City to the Super Nintendo. The first Zelda game was the most difficult game to develop. Shigerus all time favourite game to produce are Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong because they both revolutionized the whole videogame market.

Shigeru is very attached to his characters and often gets very nervous when other people uses them. Miyamoto has other hobbies than videogames. He plays softball, swims, skiis and plays guitar and piano. Shigeru never releases a game if it doesn´t feel good or unfinished. Many games hasn´t been released because of that they didn´t felt right and healways tries to satisfy the player and surprise them.