Anzen-Chitai & Tamaki Koji History

Anzenchitai - Early times 1973 - 1982
Anzenchitai - Kitty Records 1982 - 1988, 1990 - 1993
Anzenchitai - 'Solo' period 1987, 1989
Tamaki Koji solo - Sony Records 1993 - 1997
Tamaki Koji solo - Fun House Records 1998 - 2002
Anzenchitai - Sony Records 2002 -

Year Date Description
1973 Apr. Tamaki Koji (vocal), Takezawa Yutaka (guitar) and his brother Takezawa Toshiya (guitar, keyboard) formed a group back in their highschool period in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan. At that time the band's name was 'Invader'.
1973 Nov. Tamaki Ichibou (drums and Koji's elder brother) and Miyashita Takahiro (bass) joined the band.
1977 Jun. The name "Anzen Chitai" is used for the group. Tamaki Ichibou withdrew from the group and Taihei Shiji joined for playing drums
1977 Dec. "Rokudo Haruyoshi Band" joined Anzen Chitai and this provided 3 new members: Rokudo Haruyoshi for bass, Yahagi Wataru for guitar, Tanaka Yuji for drums. There were 8 members in Anzen Chitai that time, with 2 keyboardists, guitarists and percussionists.
1978 Feb. Anzen Chitai rented a house in Nagayama (near Asahigawa) for their usual band practice and mini studio. Demo-tapes were recorded. They named their work "Musical Farmer Production".
1978 Nov. Tanaka Yuji and Miyashita Takahiro left the band. Rokudo Haruyoshi took on bass as well.
1980 _ Takezawa Yukata involved in a serious car accident in late 1979 and Rokudo Haruyoshi admitted to the hospital because of sickness in April. Both members discharged from hospitals in late 1980.
1981 Mar. Takezawa Toshiya left the band.
1981 Sept. Performed as a back-band for Inoue Yousui's Japan tour response was good.
1981 Nov. _On My Way_ was used as a background music in Bridgestone snow tire commercial. Aired in northern Honshu and Hokkaido.
1982 Feb. 25 Debut single _Moegi Iro no Snap_ released.
1982 Apr. Anzen Chitai signed contracts with Kitty Recording Company, becoming its member. All Anzen Chitai members moved to Tokyo. At that time Taihei Shiji left the band and Tanaka Yuji rejoined Anzen Chitai and the 5-member band was established.
1982 Oct. 25 Single _On My Way_ (Bridgestone snow tire commercial song) released.
1982 Nov. Assumed a role of back-band for Inoue Yousui once in spring, once in summer, and accompanies him again for his Japan tour until Jan 1983.
1983 Jan. 25 Debut album _Remember to Remember_ released.
1983 Apr. 1 Single _Las Vegas Typhoon_ released.
1983 Nov. 25 Single _Wine Red no Kokoro_ was released. Song was used for the official song in the Suntory Akadama Punch commercial and was air-ed throughout Japan.
1984 Jan. Attempted a Japan tour.
1984 Mar. _Wine Red no Kokoro_ hits No. 1 on the Original Confidence (aka OriCon) chart.
1984 Apr. 16 Single _Mayonaka Sugi no Koi_ released.
1984 Apr. 18 Performed live at Shibuya Eggman. Attendance reached the limit, thus concluding their livehouse performance.
1984 Apr. First concert tour held. First concert at Sapporo Education and Culture Hall (Kyo-iku Bunka Kaikan).
1984 May 1 Album _Anzenchitai II_ released. It became a best seller album.
1984 Jun _Wine Red no Kokoro_ ranked 3rd on the "Best Ten" music program on TBS TV.
1984 Jul. 1 Received an award for "Best Hit for the first half of the year" in the Japan Cable Awards Ceremony.
1984 Jul. 15 Received a top honor ("Grand Prix") at All Japan Cable Broadcasting Awards (first half of the year).
1984 Aug. Performed the first concert-hall concert in Tokyo at Shibuya Ko-kaido-.
1984 Oct. 3 With _Wine Red no Kokoro_, Tamaki Koji received the Best Composition Award in Japan Composition Awards Ceremony.
1984 Oct. 25 Single _Koi no Yokan_ was released. It was chosen as the official song of the Japan Airlines Hawaii Campaign. The number of request in the cable was the largest of the time even before its release date.
1984 Oct. 30 First Japan-wide concert tour "ENDLESS" began.
1984 Nov. 28 Received Gold Award and Best Composer Award (Tamaki) at Japan Record Awards Ceremony.
1984 Dec. 1 Album _Dakishimetai / Anzenchitai III_ released.
1984 Dec. 7 Nominated for Japan Cable Award.
1984 Dec. 13 Nominated for All Japan Cable Broadcasting Award.
1984 Dec. 18 Received a Best Singer Award (Tamaki) at FNS Music Festival.
1984 Dec. Rank among the highest in the song of the year chart at best-ten TV program.
1984 Dec. 30 Received an TBS Akasaka Live Award.
1985 Jan. 25 Single _Nesshisen_ released. This song was chosen as the official song for Ford Laser commercial.
1985 Feb. Performed their first Budokan concert for two days.
1985 Mar. 15-16 Became popular in Hong Kong and performed concert in Queen Elizabeth Stadium in WanChai, Hong Kong.
1985 Apr. 25 Live Album _ENDLESS_ released.
1985 Jun. 25 Single _Kanashimi ni Sayonara_ released. Different sound get them a very good response.
1985 Aug. Performed their first outdoor concert.
1985 Oct. Best album released ONLY in Hong Kong receives an Gold Disk Award.
1985 Oct. 1 Single _Aoi Hitomi no Ellis_ released. The song was chosen as the offical song for Kao Seishi Ellis paper commercial
1985 Oct. 13 With _Kanashimi ni Sayonara_ , Tamaki Koji received a Best Composer Award at Japan Composer Awards.
1985 Nov. Concert tour "'85-'86 Yume no Tsuzuki" began. This long tour ran into May of 1986. Received the highest honor at Japan Record Awards.
1985 Nov. 24 Album _Anzenchitai IV_ released.
1985 Dec. _Kanashimi ni Sayonara_ was ranked Number One overall at yearly chart in TBS "The Best Ten" and in NTV "The Top Ten" programs. The song lasted for 13 weeks in the chart!
1985 Dec. 31 Attended NHK's annual year-end music battle (Kohaku Utagassen)
1986 Mar. 7 Held a news conference declaring the production of the movie _Prussian Blue no Shouzou_
1986 Apr. 29-30 Performed a concert at the coliseum in Hong Kong.
1986 May Performed a concert at Budokan (4 days).
1986 May Movie production commenced. Simultaneously, the production of the soundtrack began.
1986 Jul. Movie/soundtrack production ended.
1986 Jul. 1 Single _Prussian Blue no Shouzou_ released.
1986 Jul. 26 Movie _Prussian Blue no Shouzou_ started. Starred by Tamaki Koji, Takahashi Kaori, Murakami Hiroaki, Harada Mishiko,etc
1986 Aug. 1 Soundtrack _Prussian Blue no Shouzou_ released.
1986 Aug. 20/21 Because of the good response on performing with Inoue Yousui at the previous year's Japan Record Awards, they performed together in a two-day concert "Stardust Rendez-vous" in Jingu Baseball Stadium.
1986 Sept. 25 Joint-single with Inoue Yousui _Natsu no Owari no Harmony_ released.
1986 Oct. 21 Single _Friend_ released.
1986 Nov. 5 Live Album _Stardust Rendez-vous_ released.
1986 Dec. 3 Single _Sukisa_ released. The song was chosen as the opening theme song for the animation "Mezon Ikkoku".
1986 Dec. 14 Three-tape Album _Anzenchitai V_ released.
1986 Dec. Album _Anzenchitai V_ received an Album-of-the-Year Award at Japan Record Awards.
1987 Feb. 18 Concert Tour "Anzenchitai V" began.
1987 Mar. 24 At the First Japan Gold Disk Awards, they received The Best Artist of the Year Award.
1987 Apr. Album _Anzenchitai IV_ was reported to be the most sold album in 1986.
1987 Apr. 21 Single _Jirettai_ was released. This song was chosen as the official song for That's (tape).
1987 Apr. 20-24 Performed a five-day concert at Budokan. Attendance reached more than 60,000.
1987 May 22-23 Performed concert at Hong Kong coliseum.
1987 Jun. 10 Live Album _Anzenchitai LiVe To Me_ released only on CT and CD.
1987 Apr. 24 Takezaka Yutaka teamed up with musician Hiroshi Kakizaki who participated in "Anzenchitai V" as a background chorus, and named themselves as the "r" project. They performed live at Shibuya EggMan.
1987 May 25 "r" project's first single _Jama wa Sasenai_ released. This song was chosen as the ending theme for Fuji TV animation "F".
1987 May-Jun. Tamaki Koji began solo work. Recorded single and an album in London and Los Angeles. Other members of Anzenchitai began to do their solo works.
1987 Jul. 22 Tamaki Koji released a single _All I Do_.
1987 Jul. 22 "r" project released an album _Freaks_.
1987 Aug. 10 Tamaki Koji released an album _All I Do_.
1987 Aug. Tamaki Koji performed a large-scale concert at 4 locations in Japan with the aid of musicians from abroad.
1988 Mar. 10 Single _Tsuki ni Nureta Futari_ released. It was chosen as the background music for the Sometime MIASS commercial.
1988 Apr. 10 Album _Tsuki ni Nureta Futari -Anzenchitai VI-_ released.
1988 Apr. 28 Performed a concert tour (24) with the support of MIASS at 17 different locations lasting till July 7 at Budokan.
1988 Jun. Yahagi Wataru worked as a sound producer for 20 Seiki Jr's debut album.
1988 Jun. 21 Single _I Love You kara Hajimeyou_ released with a limit of 30,000 CD-single copies.
1988 Aug. 24 At "Yoru no Hitto Studio" program, they declared that they will suspend their activity for a while.
1988 Aug. 25 Single _Hohoemi ni Kanpai_ released. (Sometime MIASS commercial song).
1988 Nov. 9 Tamaki Koji conducted a concert tour "Tamaki Koji MIASS SPECIAL NIGHT" spanning 13 concerts at 10 different locations, starting with Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.
1988 Dec. 3-4 Responding to the invitation, Tamaki Koji traveled to China and performed at a ceremony in Beijing commemorating the 10 years of friendship between Japan and China.
1988 Dec. 10 Album _I Love You kara Hajimeyou -Anzenchitai BEST-_ released.
1988 Dec. 17 Tamaki Koji performed an additional concert at Budokan.
1988 Dec. 21 Yahagi Wataru released a soundtrack for the TV animation "F".
1988 Dec. 21 Rokudo Haruyoshi released "Kaijuu Monogatari".
1989 Jan. 25 Tamaki Koji released a single _Ki*tsu*i_. This song was a song for the TV drama "Kitsui Yatsura", in which Tamaki starred.
1989 Mar. Yahagi Wataru worked as a composer, arranger, musician for Suzuki Toru's album.
1989 Mar. Yahagi Wataru performed as a lead vocal for Seiko EPSON's commercial.
1989 Mar. 25 Tamaki Koji released a single for the TV program "Hyouten", commemorating the 30th anniversary of TV Asahi.
1989 Apr.-Jul. Takezaka Yutaka, as a "K" project member, arranged for Hamada Shogo in his album _Wasted Tears_.
1989 Jul. Yahagi Wataru helped Yanagiba Toshiroh's single _Ima Just gumba_ by arranging. The lyrics were written by Matsui Goro, the music by Tamaki.
1989 Jul. 25 Tamaki Koji released a single _I'm Dandy_ which was used in the movie "Migi Magari no Dandy".
1989 Nov. Yahagi Wataru aided in music for Fuji TV drama "Aitsu ga Trouble".
1989 Nov. 20 Tamaki Koji released a single _Ikanaide_ which was for the TV drama commemorating the 30th anniversary of Fuji TV.
1990 Mar. 29 Anzenchitai resumed their activity. Began recording.
1990 Apr. Tanaka Yuji created a band "VoThM" with Watanabe Hideki, formerly of CCB.
1990 Jun. 25 Yahagi Wataru created a music for Seiko EPSON commercial for the second time. With a good response, he went on to release his first solo single _Boukensha_.
1990 Jul. 25 Album _Anzenchitai VII -Yume no Miyako-_ released, after two and a half years.
1990 Aug. 15 -Concert tour "Anzenchitai VII -Yume no Miyako-" begins. Over 70 concerts held.
1990 Oct. 1 Yahagi Wataru released an album _Boukensha_.
1990 Nov. 7 Single _Jounetsu_ released. The song became chosen as the theme music to TV Asahi's program "Tuesday Mystery Theater". Also, _Kimi wa Nemuru_ was chosen as the official commercial song for Toshiba cordless phone MESSE, and _Kono Michi wa Doko e_ chosen for Sapporo University Sports Competition.
1991 Jun.- Began recording their 8th album.
1991 Jun. 25 Yahagi Wataru worked on third Seiko EPSON commercial. The commercial song was recorded in the single _Rakuen No Kimi ni_
1991 Aug. 24- At 33 different locations, Anchi performed 47 concerts as a part of "Anzenchitai VIII -Musical Farmer's Tour".
1991 Aug. 25 Yahagi Wataru released his second album _Yorokobi no Uta_.
1991 Nov. 6 Single _Itsumo Kimi no Soba ni_ released. Chosen as the song for the Toyota Carina commercial.
1991 Dec. 11 Album _Anzenchitai VIII -Taiyou-_ released.
1992 Jun.- Concert tour "Anzenchitai 10th Anniversary Concert Tour Acoustic Special Night" began. Tamaki Koji resumed his solo work.
1992 Dec. 2 Single _Ano koro e_ released. (Gekkeikan sake commercial song)
1993 Jan. 30 Tamaki Koji releases his single _Call_ , which became the song for the movie "Nurse Call" (in which his wife starred: Translator's note). The second song in the single _Taisetsu na Toki_ is chosen for the Panasonic commercial.
1993 Feb. 10 Single _Hitoribocchi no Yell_ released. This song is chosen for the YTV/NTV drama "Ochanoma".
1993 Feb. 19 Tamaki Koji participated in a Government compaign song which was written by Aska Ryo and Oda Kazumasa. The song was named _Bokura ga Umareta Ano Hi no Youni_
1993 Mar. 24 Tamaki Koji's solo album _Akogare_ is released.
1993 Jun. 16 Tamaki Koji released a single _Owaranaide I LOVE YOU_ with Marin through Toshiba EMI Records.
1993 Aug. 25 _Anzenchitai Best 2 - Hitoribocchi no Yell_ released.
1993 Sep. 22 Tamaki Koji's 3rd solo album _Karinto Kouba no Entotsu no Ueni_ and single _Genki na machi_ released. He joined Sony Records.
1993 Nov. 20 The movie _Kyouso Tanjou_ starring Tamaki Koji was released.
1994 Feb Tamaki Koji starred in TV drama _Yume no Kaeru Basho_ with Honda Minako.
1994 Feb. 21 Tamaki Koji released a single _Te No Naka ni_ with Moriyama Ryoko through Sony Records.
1994 Aug. 25 Album _Anzenchitai / Tamaki Koji BEST_ released.
1994 Sep. 24 Album _Anzenchitai Another Collection_ released.
1994 Nov. 1 Tamaki Koji's single _LOVE SONG_ released.
1994 Dec Tamaki Koji released his first poetic painting book _Hoshi ni Naritai_.
1994 Dec. 12 Tamaki Koji's album _LOVE SONG BLUE_ released.
1995 Jun. 21 Tamaki Koji's single _STAR_ released.
1995 Jun. 21 Fan Club STAR was established.
1995 Aug. 25 Album _Anzenchitai Theme Songs_ released.
1995 Sept. 20 Tamaki Koji's concert album _T_ released.
1995 Sept. 25 Album _Anzenchitai Original Karaoke Series_ released.
1995 Dec. 31 Tamaki Koji participated with Yakushimaru Hiroko, and others in Nippon Housou network radio drama _Chikyuu * Hikari nasai_.
1996 Jan. 6 NHK broadcasted _Saigo no Dangan_, a movie starring Tamaki Koji & Jason Donovan and joint produced by NHK and the Australian film board
1996 Jan. 20 Movie _Kiri no Shigozen_ starring Tamaki Koji and Yoshinaga Koyuri was released.
1996 Apr. Tamaki Koji starred in TV drama _Coach_.
1996 Apr. 25 Album _Anzenchitai Memories_ released. This album is produced by Matsui Goro.
1996 May 6 NHK Documentary _Tamaki Koji, 37sai no Memory_ was on air across the country.
1996 May 22 Tamaki Koji's single _Melody_ released.
1996 Jul. 21 Tamaki Koji's single _Den'en_ released. This is the theme song for the drama "Coach".
1996 Sept. 13 Tamaki Koji's album _CAFE JAPAN_ released.
1996 Dec. 8 Tamaki Koji performed with Fujii Fumiya in MUSIC FAIR '96 O.A.
1996 Dec. 10 Tamaki Koji appeared in 1996 FNS Kayousai
1996 Dec. 31 Tamaki Koji appeared in 47th annual Kohaku Uta Gassen. He performed the single "Den'en". His appearence marked the highest viewer rate on that night.
1997 Feb. 21 Tamaki Koji with Anzen Chitai - Cafe Japan Special concert tour was concluded with the last concert in Tokyo Budokan. Tamaki Koji performed with all other Anzen Chitai members except Takezawa Yutaka.
1997 Jul. Tamaki Koji starred in Fuji TV Drama _Konna Koi no Hanashi_.
1997 Aug. 6 Tamaki Koji's single _MR. LONELY_ released. This was the theme song for Fuji drama "Konna Koi no Hanashi".
1997 Sept. 21 Tamaki Koji's album _JUNKLAND_ released. On the same day Koji launched the JUNKLAND Concert Tour 1997! Starting from Kumamoto and ended in Yokohama, the tour went over 23 cities in Japan.
1997 Dec. 11 Tamaki Koji appeared in 1997 FNS Kayou Matsuri. He sang _MR. LONELY_.
1998 May 21 Tamaki Koji joined FUN HOUSE Records and he released a new single _Rookie_. This is a CM song for Chiobita Doringu. The coupling song _Bell_ is also a CM song for KIRIN Coffee "JIVE".
1998 May 27 Tamaki Koji released a new album from FUN HOUSE Records and the name is _GRAND LOVE_.
1998 Jul. 19 In the 13th annual Asahikawa LIVE JAM "Kitasaito", Tamaki Koji introduced an 'old friend' Takezawa Yutaka to perform! This was the first time all 5 members of Anzenchitai performed together since 1993. Takezawa played 2 songs.
1998 Jul. 26 Takezawa performed 4 songs with Tamaki Koji and the rest of Anzenchitai members in Stellar Theatre in Lake Kawaguchi.
1988 Dec. 2 Tamaki Koji's best album _Den'en_ released.
1998 Dec. 13 Tamaki Koji canceled his last concert performance in Tokyo International Forum after singing 2 songs.
1999 Feb 24 Tamaki Koji's best re-arranged album _Wine Red no Kokoro_ released.
1999 Mar. News about regroup of Anzenchitai were spreading around on radio and newspaper.
1999 May - Sept Tamaki Koji performed concert tour "Ballad Night", including an outdoor concert in Stellar Theatre in Lake Kawaguchi.
2000 Mar. 23 Tamaki Koji released single _aibo_. This song was written for Hong Kong singer Andy Lau in late 1999 and it went by the name 'Pain' in Chinese.
2000 Apr. 26 Tamaki Koji released album _Nisemono_, a new original album since _GRAND LOVE_ which was released 2 years ago.
2000 May - Oct. Tamaki Koji announced "Concert Tour 2000 Super-T" which ran mainly in Japan from May to July with an outdoor concert in Lake Kawaguchi. He also announced a special 2-day concert tour in Hong Kong on July 29 & 30. This was Koji's first time back to Hong Kong in 12 years!! He will hold a couple of concerts again in Hokkaido in October to wrap up the series.
2001 Mar. 28 Tamaki Koji released album _Spade_ and single _Ko no Rhythm de_.
2001 Mar. - Jul Tamaki Koji announced "Concert Tour 2001" which ran mainly in Japan from March 31 to July 1.
2001 Jun. 21 Complication album _The Very Best of Anzenchitai_ released. It conains 2 songs _Dakishimetemo_ & _Tsubuyaki_, unreleased from previous albums.
2001 Oct. 6 Anzenchitai teamed up with Matsui Goro and Hoshi Katz to begin recording.
2002 Jan. - Feb. 28 Tamaki Koji Concert Tour "Acoustic Special Night"
2002 May 29 Complication album _Goro Matsui & Koji Tamaki Ballad Collection - Only You_ released.
2002 Jul. 10 _Deai_ released. This is Anzenchitai's new single in 10 years. It's a theme song of TV series "Tuesday Suspense Theatre". News conference was held to commemorate the release.
2002 Aug. 7 Album _IX_ released. (Initial limited release was a CD+DVD video combo)
2002 Sep. 5 - Dec. 18 Anzenchitai Concert Tour 2002, including 2 oversea concerts in Hong Kong (Oct. 24, 25)
2002 Dec. 4 Single _Hansei / Ano Koroe_ released. Hansei becomes the tie-up song for "House Hokkaido Stew" & Ano Koroe was used as a theme song for Tokyo TV drama "Chuushingura - Ketsudan no Toki"
2003 May 16 Takezawa Yutaka official website launched. (
2003 May 21 Tamaki Koji best album _Best Harvest_ released.
2003 Sep. 18 Single _Amenochi Hare / Chocolat_ to be released. Chocolat is the CM song of Glico Almond & Macadamia Chocolate.
2003 Oct. Album _X_ to be released.
2003 Oct. - Dec. Anzenchitai Concert Tour 2003

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