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1. From 93tsangk@xxxx.xxxx.xxxxxxxx.ca Sat Jan 28 01:12 PST 1995

There is a mailing list for discussing Japanese Pop music in English.
The registered address is majordomo@tcp.com and just type subscribe 
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2. From 93tsangk@xxxx.xxxx.xxxxxxxx.ca Mon Feb 27 19:21 PST 1995

I think the booklet in the Anzen-chitai/Tamaki Koji Best 32 collection
has a section in the history of Anzen-chitai which talks about other
members in Anzen-chitai involving in their solo works too. I don't
have the album now but I think someone on the net can give us more

Out from my memory, I know that Takezawa Yutaka and Rokudo Haruyoshi
have solo albums too. Also, Takezawa and Tanaka Yuji have been
involved in setting up other bands. Also, Yahagi Wataru was involved
in the production of albums from other singers too.

3. From av0@xxx.xxx.edu Fri Feb  3 12:17 PST 1995

from what i heard before i left thailand, koji tamaki release a new
album sometime mid december.. i don't know how well it does on selling
this album..  and i don't have any chance to listen to it yet..

luckily enough, when i went home last june, i saw koji tamaki on stage
with many japanese musicians as well as US musician.  the last song of
the program, koji tamaki sang a song with bob dylan.

there is no news about anzen-chitai yet.. but i don't expect it to
release any new album soon because koji tamaki seems to be very busy
with his own works.. released solo album and produced many song for
many top singers in japan including akina nakamori.

anyhow, i really, really want to see anzen-chitai release a new album

4. From ayoshida@xxxxxx.xxxx.xxxxxx.Edu Mon Feb 27 05:22 PST 1995

On Mon, 27 Feb 1995, kenji kita wrote:
> I know that Tamaki Koji has done solo CD's.  I would like to know if any one
> else has done solo projects.  Yahagi Wataru has done two according to the
> discography from Best 2.  Is that it?  How are they acompared to Tamaki?
> And finally Tamaki has written a few songs for other artist.  I believe he
> has done some for Tunnels.  For example.  Does anyone know of any other
> artist?

As far as I know, Yahagi is the only other member to release albums on
his own.  I'm still trying to get my hands on his albums.  Does anyone
out there have his two albums?  I think he's sung only one song
(Ichibyou ichiya/hitoyo/hitoya - does anyone have the definitive
reading for the song's title?) among all those released by AC.  I'm
not sure what his normal singing style is, but in this song, his voice
sounds kinda whispery and throaty.  Not bad, though.  I kinda like
"Ichibyou..."  I'm not sure what the rest of the members are doing,
but I'm guessing that they're working on their own projects.  I have a
Hamada Shogo single on which Takezawa plays guitar.  That's about all
I've seen so far.

Tamaki has written for quite a few artists ranging from pop to enka.
If you want to check out a collection of some songs that he's written
for others, try listening to "Tamaki Koji no Sekai."  It's got artists
like Kozai Kaori and Tanimura Shinji.  I kinda forgot who the pop
artists were.  Possibly Nakamori Akina.  Sorry.  I've only seen this
album once, and I'm still waiting for my own cd to come in.

5. From mishi@xxxxxx.com Tue Mar  7 15:53 PST 1995

Has any of you seen Unplugged Live video/LD?  I bought it, saw it
once, and never touched it.  Yes, it's an OK one (I had the ticket,
but couldn't go for some personal reason).  At the middle of the
concert, Tamaki Koji goes nuts!  He yanks strings off the guitar,
yelling and screaming.  Then, he tries to play it. Well, no strings,
no sounds.  So, he slams the guitar on the floor, breaing it.  He
yells "Guitar!!" to the staff, and gets another one.  Then he breaks
it again!  What's wrong with him?  I never expected him to do that.
Seeing that was very disturbing.  I have a guitar that is 10 years
old...yes, it's a cheap one, but I would NEVER slam my guitar on the
floor, no matter what.  I just can't do it.  Reading his article
saying how he values what he creates, and seeing how little he cares
about the tools he uses to create music was upsetting.  Yup, I've seen
those things happen occasionally (in some other musicians), but being
a musician myself, I just could not imagine myself doing that to my
instruments.  It's my personal reaction, but I thought that was a
STUPID move by him.  I still love his music, but what he did was
totally unacceptable in my ethics and standard...  BTW, I'm not
looking for a flame here.  I thought that some of you may not have
seen the video, so I wanted to let you know what he did in that
concert...  Very disappointing video IMHO.  :(

BTW, I finally got around to listening to "Love Song" a new song
released by Koji Tamaki some time ago.  It's pretty good.

6. From whui@xxxxxx.xxxx.xxx.COM Tue Mar  7 17:43 PST 1995

I watched the video last year. Neither do I. I won't slam my guitar.
I was very surprise when I first saw that too. That really changes my
impression on him. But I think he was just in that kind of mood.  I

But besides that, I think the concert is awesome. I was impressed how
skillful they are in playing music. And since they played it mostly in
acoustic, you got different feeling on the songs. Sometimes it just
sounds like a brand new song.

7. From mishi@xxxxxx.com Tue Mar  7 18:25 PST 1995

Thanks for a response.  :) Now I know it's not only me who was
disturbed by his action.  Well, he's rich, so he could afford to do
it, I guess.  But I couldn't attend that concert, but considering what
he did, maybe I am glad that I did not make it...

At any rate, I have one complaint!  All the good songs are part of a
medley, and none of them are complete!!!  I wanted them to play the
whole thing!  :) Maybe I'm asking too much.  When he started singing
"WindRed no kokoro", he says "Yo-sui san arigato (thank you, Mr.
Yosui)."  I thought that was really cool thing for him to do.

8. From ab824@xxxxxx.net Tue Mar  7 18:50 PST 1995

        I have got a copy of the Acoustic Concert too last year and
actually I know that there will be something different in this concert
when I saw it at the beginning. You know, I feel a bit uncomfortable
seeing him murmuring before playing each songs. Then you see him
blowing his nose, drinking juice, tiing up his shoenaces, etc...all
during the concert...you will feel that this concert is not soley a
performance.  Think it back, this concert is more like a reunion for
the members and the fans after 10 years of togetherness, Koji doesn't
mind doing all those stuffs in front of his fans. You know, you will
never think of a singer blowing his nose during a concert. But I guess
this is just a way of expressing his closeness to his fans.....no
barriers between audiences and singers.

        Also, I found that he broke the guitar and stuffs before
singing the song" Ore wa dokoka kitte iruno kamoshinenai" Hmm...is
that a way of expressing the meaning of the song?!!! :P

9. From ayoshida@xxxxxx.xxxx.xxxxxx.Edu Tue Mar  7 23:12 PST 1995

>       Also, I found that he broke the guitar and stuffs before singing
> the song" Ore wa dokoka kitte iruno kamoshinenai" Hmm...is that a way of
> expressing the meaning of the song?!!! :P

My Japanese may be a bit off, but I thought the title was "Ore wa
dokoka KURUtte iruno kamoshirenai."  I'm not a native Japanese
speaker, but I take it as meaning something like, "Maybe I'm going
crazy/insane."  Looking at the situation this way, maybe Koji was
using the guitar smashing as a lead-in to this song.  Hmm... clever.

I, too, thought the guitar smashing was a bit weird.  I didn't think
Koji was the type to rip a guitar apart.  He seems too mellow.  Maybe
it was a release of his pent up "creative energy."  I suppose any pent
up energy would drive anyone nuts eventually.  I wonder what the other
4 members were thinking when Koji went nuts.

Overall, I enjoyed the concert very much.  I liked the mellow and
relaxed atmosphere of the concert.

I hope he releases more singles off "Love Song Blue."  I'd love to get
a karaoke/instrumental version of "Sacred Love" or "Hoshi ni Naritai."

10. From mishi@xxxxxx.com Wed Mar  8 21:51 PST 1995

Just out of curiosity.  Which Anchi song do you like to play (and
sing) with ONE guitar?  It doesn't have to be a song for a guitar, but
your own arrangement of say, Wine Red no kokoro, is fine, too.  I was
just curious to see what kind of songs you guys play!  :)

Personally, I like "Aozora" the best.  It's pretty hard, but it sounds
nice even with one guitar only.  It kills your left hand, though.
Thanx to those Eadd9 chords and barred chords!  If I had another
player with me, then my favorite would be "Futari" or "Kaze".  They
sound great!

11. From 93tsangk@xxxx.xxxx.xxxxxxxx.ca Wed Mar  8 22:12 PST 1995

        Yeah! I think Aozora, Futari and Kaze is pretty good. I like
Atolier too. But still the most impressive one is Yuugure!!!! I have
figured out most of it except for the strumming part. I will load this
to the net here next month.

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