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1. From dreams@xxxxxxxx.com  Mon Sep 22 00:11 EST 1997

Hi Kelvin, I have a question for you.  I would like to know if you or
anyone in the Anzenchitai fan club have any information (guitar magazines 
for example) on Yutaka's guitar equipment.
The guitar that Yutaka Takezawa uses is a Turner guitar, made by Rick
Turner in California.  This guitar is first made famous by Lindsay
Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac fame.  However, if you listen to the recordings 
of Anzenchitai you'll notice that Yutaka has a completely distinct guitar
sound.  What added effects is he using?  I believe he uses a Messa Boogie
amplifer, but what else.  As well, the Turner guitar is equiped with a
rotary pick-up. Does rotating this pickup generate different sounds.  Are
there any Turner guitars on sale in Japan?  Does anyone in the fan club
(and fan list) have this guitar?
If you have any answers to these rather technical questions, I would
appreciate it if you could email me at the address below. 

2. From mishi@xxxxxx.com Mon Sep 22 18:32 PST 1997

I think he also uses quite a lot of Phase Shift type of effects, if I
remember correctly...

3. From canthony@xxxxxxxx.com Tue Sep  23 00:18 EST 1997

Takezawa Yutaka uses an Alembic guitar designed by Rick Turner.  His guitar
is identical to the one used by Lindsay Buckingham.  Both artists accquired
their guitar before Rick Turner started reissuing it (I think it was around
1987/8).  Incidentally, the original, called Model 1, has rotating
humbucking pickup with active circuitry (active pre-amp and EQ).  These
features are only available now with the Lindsay Buckingham Model.  The
current Model 1 by Rick Turner, however, features rotating pickup without
the active circuitry.  Rick Turner guitars are available direct from Turner
Guitars only, as far as I know.  I had the opportunity to try out this
guitar years ago when I visited Rick Turner's shop.  It was a very
versatile instrument.

By rotating the pickup position, vibration from certain strings will be
sensed from a different location while the other will remain the same.
This can produce quite a different tone when compared to guitars with
multiple pickups such as Fender Stratocaster or Gibson Les Paul.  Of
course, the design, wood selection and construction also play a part that
determines the guitar's tone.

Yutaka has used mostly time-delay type effects (chorus, flanger, phaser,
analog/digital delay, Eventide Harmonizer, etc.) on most Anzenchitai
recordings.  He has used overdrive/distortion effect.  I also remember
seeing his live rig with a Hush II.  I based this above from what I can
hear from the records.  As a guitar player myself who uses Mesa Boogie amp
plus a load of gadgets (just ask Kelvin ;) ), I hope I am not that far off.

Amp-wise I have seen him in concert, as well as live videos, using
Mesa-Boogie Mk.III, Roland Jazz Chorus 120 amps.  I would not be surprised
if he uses some other kinds of amps.

He is also an avid Roland GR System user, since his days of using the
Roland GR-707 system, circa Anzenchitai II.  I believe his Alembic guitar
was custom-wired with the Roland GK guitar synthesizer interface.  Can
someone confirm this?

4. From sacjr@xxxxxxx.com Tue Feb 23 00:42 PDT 1997

To Whom it may concern:
First of all let me introduce myself. I'm JoJo and just like you I'm a big 
fan of Koji Tamaki and Anzen-Chitai. Way back 1988  I 
was in my country the philippines and working in an office but I    find 
greater interest in applying as a singer. So when I audition in  a 
promotion company bound for oversea's,I suceeded the audition out   of 
65 persons. When they accepted me the first thing they told me was  to 
study japanese songs. I meet somebody there and she just arrived   from 
japan and gladly hand over to me a cassete tape. So I listen to  it and 
I was surprised to listen to a japanese singer who was so      versatile 
and having such golden voice especially when he sang mellow  songs. The 
First thing that I learn was the song "FRIEND". 
              I kept on repeating that song over and over again until  I 
learn it. Now I'm in hongkong and still listening to Koji Tamaki -  
Anzen Chitai songs. I have all their L.D.'s and C.D.'s  "JOJO".

5. From vlo@xxxxxxx.com Tue Sep  23 22:42 EST 1997

oJo, hi, this is Vince, I'm also on the Anchi mail list.  I saw your email.
So are you currently working as a singer in HK?  Are you singing Koji/
Anchi material?  Do you have any recordings? Where are you performing? 

Just interested about the music scene in HK.

All the best.

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