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1. Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 15:25:25
    From: KEJOHN@xxxxx.xxx.hk

Hi fellow "Safety Zone " fans,

As a Anzenchitai fan living in Hong Kong , I would like to know if any
Canto-Pop singers have covered any Anzenchitai songs.

If so,please list the artist,album title and year of release, so I can go
and buy it.

2. Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 13:30:01
From: ab824@xxxxxxx.xxxxxxx.xx.ca

Hello John!

It's good to see that someone are intersted in knowing the Cantonese
version of Anzen Chitai songs. Yes I got the info. from the Anchi web
page and it's on:


You can also access this page from the Anzen Chitai main page, and then
go to "Other Pages" and it's at the bottom. This page is in
English/Chinese Big-5 and it is compiled by me and Andy To, a die-hard
Anchi fan in San Francisco. Unfortunately I couldn't find Andy
now..(change of e-mail address which I didn't realize). Basically
the page gives the following info:

1. AnzenChitai's Song Titles

        - Title in Japanese
        - Title in Cantonese

2. Cantonese Versions

        - Title in Cantonese
        - HK Singer

If you want I can put the approximately time frame (year) when the
Cantonese versions are released but I can't remember what albums the
songs are in. (I can remember for those great artists like Jacky Cheung
Hok Yau, Leon Lai Ming, Hacken Lee,etc...those 3 singers use the most of
covered Anchi songs from the total we have found on the list which is about

Let me know if you have any question...I am sure once you got a hold of
those songs and listen to those covered versions, you will find how
different it can be....!

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> From janwilson@xxxxxxxxxx.com  Sun Nov 23 13:25:16 1997
> dear sir:
> will anzechitai ever get back togather like thay where before?
> I am a british male who was raised in Japan for 14 years and love the =
> band more than western music.
> please write me back at MikLampkin@xxx.COM
From: ab824@xxxxxxx.xxxxxxx.xx.ca

What do you and other think about this...? I think everyone one of us are
really anticipating this to become true but infact after the release of
the single "Hitori Bocchi no Yell" on early 1993...there is no more Anchi
new songs since then. And apparently Koji Tamaki who is the vocal of the
group, is doing his solo works pretty well now and he is getting quite
popular. (His song Den'en was hit No. 7 last year all time best and he
appeared in Kohaku (The Japanese Red and White Show) last year...after 10
years...(His first appearence is with Anzen Chitai and singing Kanashimi
ni Sayonara)

At the end of last year Koji announced 'Cafe Japan Special' concert and
actually he has all members of Anzen Chitai except Takezawa Yutaka to
perform with him...! I went to the concert in Tokyo Budokan and it is
called "Koji Tamaki with Anzen Chitai - Cafe Japan Special"...I was
really happy about the concert but still on my opinion is 'ok' with the
absence of that member. Also I found out from other die-hard Anchi fans
in Japan that Takezawa and Tamaki were having some problem and actually
this might be one of the main reasons why Anzen Chitai won't release any
more album. It's sad to learn that because Takezawa and Tamaki found
Anzen Chitai and they were the original members.

Now another thing is I heard from other guys going to this year's concert
(JUNK LAND) and they heard Koji announcing that Anzen Chitai will resume
the work next year...!!! I am not sure if this will be true...or might
still miss Takezawa Yutaka and the remain 4 members are Anzen Chitai.....
Anyways, we will keep our fingers crossed.

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Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 20:48:36 -0500
From: flovin@xxxxxxx.xxx.sg

> another anchi fan here.  could you provide me with some web sites in
> japan where i can check and order japanese CDs (in english language
> because i don't read japanese) ?  those that you think are reliable.

Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 13:12:47 -0500 (EST)
From: ab824@xxxxxxx.xxxxxxx.on.ca

Hi Flovin and all other Anchi fans,

        I guess many of you are asking the following questions before...wanna
know how to order Japanese CDs (especially Anzen Chitai and Koji Tamaki
CDs) from overseas...

        I have checked with the Bonsai's Jpop pages
(http://jpop.hatch.co.jp/services.html) and the following are
the ones he recommended. Both pages are in English and they accept credit
card orders and they will ship overseas..

CD Japan - http://www.cdjapan.com

Comfort  - http://web.kyoto-inet.or.jp/people/ohkura/ENGLISH/main.html

        I know another one called "Sound 7" - http://sound7.com and this
one is good too except the fact that their web pages are in Japnaese only.

5. Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 21:12:27 -1000
From: lance@xxxx.com


I am wondering why there isn't any concert for this album Karinto Kouba no
Entotsu no Ueni [SRCL-2969] (1993.9.22). Maybe there was a concert, but I didn't 
hear or read any news about this concert. Does anybody know why ? This album is 
one of the best album that Koji Tamaki has (my personal opinion). If there is a concert
live album and LD, please let me know. I am currently ask my Japanese
friend to help me to buy 2 LDs (Saikou desho? and Anzen-Chitai Unplugged
Live! - 10th Anniversary Acoustic Special Night ) and 2 CDs. One of the cd is 
the latest album, JunkLand. I hope I can get them all by the 19 of January.
Can anybody tell me something about this Anzen-Chitai Unplugged Live! - 10
Anniversary Acoustic Special Night ? It is good?

6. Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 17:38:31 PST
From: kokke23@xxxxxxx.com

my friend who purchased "acoustic special night" told me that it is a
fantastic piece.

speaking of karinto koba, i dont think they released the concert LD or
video.,..  that album didnt get good sale in Japan..

7. Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 14:04:55 -1000
From: lance@xxxx.com

Hi Anzenchitai fan,

I just got the Junk Land CD few day ago. The first time I listen to this
CD, the songs are like really junk...(sorry).., but after the second time I
started listening to the cd carefully, the songs are bad, in fact, the more
I listen, the more i love the songs. If any of you notices that there are a
few songs (sentimental songs) that have smilar rythm as koji previous songs
recorded ? I feel the song, "Last Stop Show" (correct me if I translated it
wrong) is kind of similar to "Melody". Can anybody who know the content of
this translate it for me ?
Also, I would like the Junk land translation...By the way, this song is
really ....different from others..is like two songs combine into
one....anybody have any comment about this song.....??

8. Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 13:23:46 +0800
From: tk.wong@xxxxxx.xxx.my

Hi Anchi fans,
  I got hold of Koji's new album last night and I like ir a lot. Some of my
favourites here include "No Game", "Junkland" and Mr Sun(Tai Yong san).
There are quite a lot of photos of some people in the cover leaflet
including photos taken with the three other Anchi members.
  Does anyone know who are all those other people in the photos? Are they
his family?

Thanks guys and keep on Anchi!!

9. Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 09:44:41 +0800
From: tk.wong@xxxxxx.xxx.my

Hello Anchi fans,
   Thanks to Terry and Kelvin for your answer to my query!!
   However, I'm still curious who are those elderly ladies that's in one of
the photo's. Are they Koji's mother or auntie??? I'm just plain curious!!! :)

Oh, I wish to take this opportunity to wish those Anchi fans that's
celebrating the Lunar New Year, a very Happy New Year!!!

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