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1. Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 08:32:19 -1000
From: lance@xxxx.com

Hi Anzenchitai fans,

I just got my Saiko Desho and "Unplugged Live" Anzenchitai 10th Anniversary
Acoustic Special Night LDs. I also got 2 CDs, Junk Land and Anzenchitai
VIII "Taiyou". However, I didn't get the other CD, Tamaki Koji Sakushinshu
- Acoustic version 1990. My friend said that he couldn't find it in Japan
(the place where he stay). All this 2 LDs and 2 CDs costs me less than
US$160. Is it expensive ?

I got 2 Junk Land CDs. One is from Japan and the other one is made in Hong
ong. I bought the one Made in Hong Kong, in US. When I listen to certain
song with my discman, the heavy bass cause some annoiying sound (through
headphone, it sounds like the speaker have broken). I haven't listen to the
one from Japan yet. Does anybody have the same problem ?

Has anybody seen the above LDs before ? I can't watch it now, cause I don't
have LD player here.

2. Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 10:04:37 +0800
From: Lee_Hwee_Teng@xxxxxxxxx.xxx.sg


I'm really envious of you guys in other parts of the world.  I live in
Singapore and I don't get a lot of Anzen Chitai or Koji Tamaki stuff.
It is already a miracle that I can find CDs such as Koji's concerts or
the older Anzen Chitai albums (I to VIII and the compilations) in Tower
Records or HMV in Singapore.  So far I have not been able to find any LD
versions of anything.

But I'm so glad I've found this fan club.  At least I can be kept
updated of what are the latest happenings and keep bugging my friends in
HK to get me LDs or CDs available there.

3. Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 10:33:16 +0900
From: leung_patrick@xxxxxxxxn.com

Yes, I have the Accoustic Night Special LD.  There is nothing fancy about
the setup, just a small stage w/ very dark background, and soft spot
lights.  For more than an hour Koji sang w/ much vocal
variation/enhancement, and sometimes yelling too.  There are many short
medleys' and oldies.  At the middle of the concert, he went wild and broke
two guitars, which I think is a bit outrageous (Terry agrees w/ me).

Overall it is good addition to the Anzenchitai collection.  When you
finished watching Saiko Desho, please give me a review, and I will decide
whether to buy it or not.

4. Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 10:46:54 +0800
From: tk.wong@xxxxxx.xxx.my

Hi Lee,

It's not so good here in Malaysia either. I can barely find any video
concert of Koji Tamaki/Anzen Chitai or other japanese artistes. Do you
manage to find any video concerts/mtv of Koji/Anzen in Singapore? Please
let me know because, I'm quite desperate!!!!

One more question. Is there any concert/mtv videos of Koji/Anzen being
released on VCD format???

5. Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 11:04:56 +0800
From: Lee_Hwee_Teng@xxxxxxxxx.xxx.sg

I have not been able to find any video of Koji in Singapore.  But then
again, the last time I visited HMV was a month ago, so the collection
might have been updated hopefully?  And so far, I have not seen any VCD
version of any Anzen Chitai things.

6. Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 15:04:55 -0700
From: pimna@xxxxx.xxxxxxxxx.edu

One of the ladies MAY be his older sister.
I don't know...Just a wild GUESS here ;).. I am kind of curious too.
Once I heard that his older sister was a backup singer for Ryuichi Sakamoto in
one of his albums,"Beauty", in 1990. For some reasons, I think EVERYBODY in that 
picture looks similar to Koji Tamaki. Don't you think?

7. Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 16:37:23 +0800
From: tk.wong@xxxxxx.xxx.my

Hi Anchi Fans & Pimna,
Yeah, come to think of it, some of those people do resemble Koji in some
ways...Must be related!!! :)

  I'm wondering if anybody on the Anchi mail list have tried to do online
shopping of music CD's and videos?? This is because I'm trying to look for
some reliable site on the net that sells Koji/Anzen music videos as well as
other japanese artiste's videos.

  If anyone has any info about this, please drop a note. Thanks.

8. Date: Sun, 1 Feb 1998 00:37:09 +0900
From: chipuzou@xx.xxx.xx.jp

Hi Tamachan & ANZENCHITAI friends!!!

Hello. It's Kazu at YOKOHAMA in Japan.
I'm very surprised to know that Tamachan & ANZENCHITAI
have lots fans in overseas. How do you know them?
Are they popular musician in overseas?
And it's too hard to get their album?
I'm sorry, I don't know about that at all.
Any info is okay and email to me, please!

My English is too bad...  I'm very sorry.

9. Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 10:25:50 -0500 (EST)
From: ab824@xxxxxxx.xxxxxxx.xx.ca

Hello Kazu san!

Welcome to the English Anzen Chitai mailing list!! This is Kelvin Tsang,
remember? I am in the Japanaese Anzen Chitai mailing list as well, the
one from Noguchi san! It's good to see you here and I think you must have
read my posting about the English/Chinese/Japanese Anzen Chitai web page
and yes we have an English Anzen Chitai mailing list, maintained by
Mr. Waikwan Hui in the US. This mailing list has been here for more than
2 years now I guess...! So, yoroshiku!

Yes there are LOTS of Anzen Chitai/Tamaki Koji fans in overseas!! As I
mentioned before on my mail to the Japanese mailing list group, most of
the overseas fans are from SouthEast Asia, particular in places like Hong
Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia,etc..so far
we have around 100 members on the mailing list!!  As we know, Anzen
Chitai (Anchi) is really famous in Japan during the 1980s and many of
their songs are used by the Hong Kong POP music market for covered
versions and they were popular and that's why many people got to know
this group! Anchi even had concerts in Hong Kong several times too!
Actually I wonder for fans not in HK, (ex. Singapore, Malaysia,etc..) do
you get to know Anchi through the HK POP songs, or you actually knew the
group directly from the JPOP market.....?

I have been maintaining the web page for a year and a half now and from
time to time I received mails from people discovering the web page and
they are really happy to find out that there are still many people
dedicating to this group. In fact I have received mails from people
living as far as in Europe and in South America (Argentina,
Brazil,etc..)!!! Many of them have friends and relatives working/studying
in Japan years ago and they brought them Anzen Chitai tapes and CDs and
everyone enjoys their music!! I am so happy to know that we can find
Anzen Chitai music almost around the world!!! :)

However, so far there are difficulties for members getting Anzen Chitai's
albums and the only way we can do is to order the CDs through the
Internet as there are some online CD stores and they will take your money
and send the CDs to you through postal services. Of course it's always
better if you have friends to get the CDs for you in Japan...!

So that's a 'brief' description about this mailing list and once again,

10. Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 10:00:23 -0500
From: se2@xxxxxxxxxxxx.net

Hello.  I briefly stayed i Japan ages ago.  The last visit, I remember
that the Hanshin Tigers (baseball) won after not winning for 10yrs.

I remember the group "Anzen Chita" because of a song that I liked.  I
dont speak or read Japanese.  I was forever consulting the dictionary
and my friend to translate the song.
I would like to start accumulating the "Anzen Chitai" albums either in
CD or tape.  (preferably CD).  Can I get any of them here in the USA?
Which albums should I definitely first get?( to start with)  I noticed
on one of the Homepages--there are collection series.  Can I still get

One song in particular goes like this.. (from what I remember) Its
something about--dont
cry or shed tears by yourself...

Nakanaide hittori de
ho-ho-e unde mitsumete
anatano soba ni iru kara

11. Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 00:24:23 -0500 (EST)
From: ab824@xxxxxxx.xxxxxxx.xx.ca

Hi Maria,

Thanks for your mail and I think you should receive a reply from Hwee
Teng, one of the Anzen Chitai mailing list members. We have an English
mailing list and we have discussion and sharings on Anzen Chitai and
Tamaki Koji on the list...you can check out the Anzen Chitai web page for
more info. on joining the mailing list.

Hwee Teng is right and the song you mentioned is 'Kanashimi ni Sayonara'.
It can be found in the following albums:

Anzen Chitai IV - [KTCR.1206] -- 1985.11.24
Anzen Chitai Best - I Love You kara Hajimeyou [H32K20110] -- 1988.12.10
Anzen Chitai Best2 -- Hitori Bocchi no Yell [KTCR.1250] -- 1993.8.25

This song is probably one of the best well known songs among their
collection. And regarding which albums you should get first, I would
definitely recommend the above albums (Best collection) and I think they
should still be available in limited quantity. If budget is not a concern
you can get the 'Anzen Chitai Memorial Collection - [KTCR.1601/12] --
1996.10.02' which contains all 8 original albums plus Movie soundtrack
and singles...I remembered that someone on the mailing list mentioned
about getting this...is it right? I think it's like $US250 or above...!!!

As to where you can get in, where in the States you are now..? I am sure
you can find the albums in Japan Town in major cities like Los Angeles,
San Francisco, New York and Chicago. Or you can go to the Chinatown and
they might have some Chinese versions of the albums too. In Japan Town
they have the 'Kinokuniya' Bookstore which might carry JPOP albums. Also
check out Tower's Records and some of them might be able to order those
CDs for you from Japan.

Another resource will be ordering online from the Internet. You can check
out the following:

CD Japan - http://www.cdjapan.com

Comfort  - http://web.kyoto-inet.or.jp/people/ohkura/ENGLISH/main.html

        I know another one called "Sound 7" - http://sound7.com and this
one is good too except the fact that their web pages are in Japnaese only.

Hope this is helpful to you!

12. Date: Wed, 04 Feb 1998 09:58:28 -0500
From: se2@xxxxxxxxxxxx.net

Is the Memorial Collection in CD format?
If I get this---does it come along with a copy of the lyrics (in japanese)?
If I get this---what other Albums should I get to complete the whole series?
Although I dont speak /read Japanese---It is truly worth my time to go over
the written lyrics with a dictionary in hand and an associate nearby. One
feels the essence of the song through the melody--and truly appreciates it
with the understanding of the song.
I am not an avid fan of any group--nor do I listen to any music station.  I am
musically handicapped and illiterate.  You'd think I would forget after so

13. Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 11:27:05 -0500 (EST)
From: ab824@xxxxxxx.xxxxxxx.xx.ca

> Is the Memorial Collection in CD format?

Yes it's in CD..but I am not sure if they have tape or MD formats.

> If I get this---does it come along with a copy of the lyrics (in japanese)?

Yes. This is a Japanese version..and I don't think there will be a HK or
other versions because this is a compilation of the 8 original Anzen
Chitai albums + Prussian Blue Movie Soundtrack + all Singles in a 12CDs
format. More info. is in here:


> If I get this---what other Albums should I get to complete the whole series?

This is the whole series! Since it contains all the original albums and
singles I don't think you need to get the 2 best albums.

> Although I dont speak /read Japanese---It is truly worth my time to go over
> the written lyrics with a dictionary in hand and an associate nearby. One
> feels the essence of the song through the melody--and truly appreciates it
> with the understanding of the song.

There are 2 songs with lyrics translated into English and they are
'Sukisa' and 'Asa no Hizashi ni Kimi ga ite'..and you can find those
on the Anchi web page. You know what....I am similar to you years ago
not knowing any Japanese and try to use the diciontary to translate every
single characters just because I want to understand the song better..and
yes with the lyris unestanding it gives you a different feel of the
songs, and you are totally right!!

But after all, many of the lyrics in Anzen Chitai songs have complicated
and underlying meanings which are not easier to comprehend...! :) Matsui
Goro (lyrist of most Anzchi songs) is just a great poet!!

14. Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 17:10:49 +0900
From: chipuzou@xx.xxx.xx.jp

Hello Tamachan(it means Tamaki Kouji) friends!

It's Kazu at Yokahama in Japan. Here it's raining and too cold!

Dawn Akamine San, what do you mean by that? You want to get lyrics
which is written in Japanese? If so, I can help you! Because I'm a
Japanese and have "Cafe Japan" and "Junkland" CD's so I can tell you
about them. If not so, I cannot help you. I'm very sorry...
Because it's too hard for me to translate into English from Japanese.
Please tell me more information about that.

-----Original Message-----
From: dakamine@xxxxxx.edu

>Aloha Kelvin!
>I've been searching the net for information on T.K. and the pages that you
>have put out have been very helpful.  Thank you for all of your hard work.
>I've hit a dead end.  Do you know where I can find more lyrics to the Cafe
>Japan and Junkland songs?  I got Melody for my mom, but she wants the
>words for all of her favorite songs...and that's a lot of songs.
>Anyway if you've got any ideas, please reply at this address.

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