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Online CDs Order/Purchase

Many Anzen Chitai Mailing List members have asked whether they can order Japanese CDs, especially Anzen Chitai/Tamaki Koji CDs from the Internet. I have checked with the Bonsai's Jpop pages and the following are the ones he recommended. All sites listed below are in English and they can ship to overseas.

No.Name of SitesLocationMethod of Payment
1CD Japan Tokyo, JapanIPMO, Credit Card & Money orders
2JPopHelp Vancouver, CanadaCredit Cards, Money orders, PayPal
3YesAsia California, USACredit Cards & Money orders

If your browser support Japanese, you can try Sound 7 in Japan. This site also has a full listing of Anzen Chitai and Koji's CDs and they can ship to overseas. Method of Payment are IPMO and credit cards.


  • International Postal Money Order (IPMO) can be purchased at your local post office.
  • Even though the above sites might not have a listing of Anzen Chitai/Tamaki Koji CDs/LDs,etc, you can always send them the CDs info (title, catalogue # and year released) and they can order the CDs for you.

    Written and organized by Kelvin Tsang
    Last update: July 23, 2002

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