Tamaki Koji"JUNK LAND" Concert Tour 1997

  • After the successful 'Cafe Japan Special Concert' in early 1997, Tamaki Koji organized another concert tour (JUNK LAND Concert Tour, after the release of the new album JUNK LAND on September 21, 1997) around cities in Japan. This concert tour ran from September 21 in Kumamoto to December 25 in Yokohama! We are glad to have 2 die-hard members from our mailing list attending the concerts and they are Teruyuki Mihashi from Seattle, USA and Duke Sasaji from Yokohama, Japan! The following are their reports!!!

    PersonDateCityTimeTicket Price
    Teruyuki MihashiNov. 21, 1997
    Tokyo - Kokusai Forum Hall A
    Duke SasajiDec. 24, 1997
    Yokohama - Kokuritsu Dai Hall

    [Teruyuki Mihashi's Report Part 1] [Teruyuki Mihashi's Report Part 2] [Duke Sasaji's Report]

    Teruyuki Mihashi's Report Part 1

  • I arrived at Yurakucho station at around 5pm. I was at the gate at around 5:15pm. At the gate, we were to surrender any cameras or recording device, although there was no checks conducted. It was pretty much a self-declaration. I was supposed to meet Tomoko, who is also a member of Jpnz Anzenchitai ML, but we didn't get to meet that day. :-( It turned out to be that there were two more people from the Jpnz ML on that concert. I definitely should have made prior arrangements and we could have gotten together beforehand or afterwards.

  • My seat was on row 12. I had the seat all the way to the right of the stage. It was a decent seat. There was an aisle to my right, so any time my view was blocked, I could move over to the aisle. On the stage, there was a big red curtain with a big "T" logo at the center. This curtain is available for sale at the foyer in a smaller version (a handkerchief / flag). I look around the hall. I'm very surprised to see the diversity of the crowd. To my left was a young girl, probably a college student. To her left was a pair of middle-aged women in their 40s or 50s.

  • At 6:03pm, the lights started to dim. A crowd quiets down in an anticipation of an unforgettable night.

  • First, with curtain still down, a man comes from the right of the stage. He has a harmonica and an acoustic guitar. He is Mr. Yamashita; he is supposedly Koji's manager. "Excuse me," and he started to sing a song. He was OK; not as good as Koji, of course. ;-) After Mr. Yamashita left the stage, a voice was heard, "I'm sorry about that. Coming up next is Tamaki Koji." Yup, that was Koji's voice. Crowd applauds.

    [Teruyuki Mihashi's Report Part 1] [Teruyuki Mihashi's Report Part 2] [Duke Sasaji's Report]

    Written by Teruyuki Mihashi
    Organized by Kelvin Tsang
    Last update: January 10,1998
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