Anzenchitai Concert Tour 2002

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Part 2

12. Kimi wa Nemuru
Koji mutes the guitar and strums....Carlos joins in with his percussions. One note from the string (keyboard). I never thought I will hear this song live.
Haruyoshi takes his five-string bass. And I was watching him for most of the song. Lighting is once again very effective....dark, but yellowish lights from the back. At the ending, Wataru plays his guitar, adjusting the volume up and down with his pedal. Haruyoshi looked really good playing bass and singing chorus.

13. Ippon no Enpitsu
Light and fun piece. Lots of percussion.
Lots of movements in Haruyoshi's hands, so other than his hands, I don't remember much. Sorry, guys. By this song, he was back on his "normal" four-string bass.
Another thing I noticed was, how Yuji Tanaka was enjoying playing. You can see him smiling while playing, and that tells you, how much they were enjoying.

14. Hurdle
Everybody is back up standing again. Nice chorus-work by Haruyoshi and Wataru.

After this song, Wataru went on and did his solo routine. Satoko joins in and plays organ sound in her solo part. Wataru comes back, plays even more solo, often really fast phrases. He gets the honors of leading (conducting) the ending the song.

"Kaki-kun!" (his nickname), yells Koji.

15. Yabanjin de Ii
Koji takes his Martin, I assume it is tuned differently from the regular tuning. Of course, for casual player like myself, drop-D tuning would suffice, but a hardcore player, I guess, would be tuning slightly differently.. ;-) "Ikuyo?" (are you ready?), he smiles and starts the song. You can see Carlos dancing and playing the tambourine.

16. Sukisa
Just like Stuart writes, Koji plays muted chords and at first, you can't really tell what song is coming up next. That's why when he starts singing "Sukisa", a lot of people clapped and screamed.

17. Jirettai
Another song I couldn't tell... They start out by playing some chords, with percussions. We start clapping but we don't know what's coming. Then Koji starts to show his steps and moves. He starts dancing across the stage. He sings, "Owaranai Shinjuku no Yoru" (Endless Shinjuku night) instead of "Owaranai futari no yoru".

18. Nesshisen
Lots of lights, many of them pink and light blue. Another kudos to the lighting staff....they totally matched lights with many beats. In a section where there is a tacit (silence), lights are synchronized with the music (or lack thereof).

19. I Love You kara Hajimeyou
Yes, we're still standing.
At the end, he sings "I Love You-" several times, each with different note, and crowd responds every time... especially when he sang in his falsetto voice, way up there. I see a lot of people waving their arms front and back, once again in unison.

20. Hitoribocchi no Yell
Immediately, they move onto another song. Between the verses, Yuji plays his hi-hats really fast....amazing.
Everybody sings "La La La La" end the song. Appropriate, considering the fact that this was the last song (not including the encore). The Anzenchitai four first gather at the front, then followed by the two additional musicians. They leave the stage and we continue to applaud.

After a while, they finally come back out. "Thank you!" yells Koji.

21. Wine Red no Kokoro

Intro solo, of course, is done by Wataru. But here is another place where I missed Yutaka. Wataru immediately stepped on his effects pedal, changed the sound and immediately started playing the muted-guitar part, normally played by Yutaka.

The solo in the middle was also different. I think he played one octave lower, and he didn't play with "right-hand" technique.

22. Kanashimi ni Sayonara
Yuji intentionally didn't play some hi-hats during refrains and that was really least for me, because I definitely noticed it and loved it. This was another nifty thing I needed to try out once I got home.

Koji lets us sing part of the refrains. He closes his eyes, hums along with us.

"Tanoshimi ni sayonara" (good-bye to the fun times)...Koji sings at the end. I guess he was just playing with puns, but all of us were going, "aw, come on, play on! Let's hear more!" ;-)

23. Anata ni
Koji was checking out the crowds for a while, and after we were too "jirettai" and made more noise, he nodded and received his guitar from the staff and started "Anata ni". Although this song was relatively quiet, everyone was still standing.

Also on a side note. Goro Matsui, the lyricist wrote that, "If you change part of the lyrics from 'anata no hitomi ni good-bye (good-bye to your eyes)' to 'anata no hitomi ni good-night (good-night to your eyes)', then this sad song all of a sudden becomes a love song." I was just impressed with how one word can change the impression of a song. Since Goro mentioned this in his essay (on the fan club newsletter), I was hoping Koji would sing it as "good-night", but he didn't. Oh well..

They come to the front stage again, takes several bows, and leaves the stage. Immediately, the hall lights come on and an announcement is made saying that the concert was over.

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Written by Terry Mihashi
Organized by Kelvin Tsang
Last update: January 14, 2003
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