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  • The following are the answers to the questionnaire I posted 2 weeks ago. Many members from the mailing list sent me their answers but this is not as many as the first questionnaire posted by Alvin Yoshida 2 years ago. I guess primarily because many of the members are students and they might not have Internet access from school during summer time. The answers below are all from reliable sources and they are 100% accurate.

  • Once again, thanks for everyone's support and especially Terry Mihashi who spares out the time to compile this questionnaire with me as well.

    Anzen Chitai

    Straight Facts

    1) In 1973, Tamaki Koji teamed up with Takezawa Yutaka and formed Anzen Chitai. Around the same time Rokudo Haruyoshi (bass) joined Yahagi Wataru and Tanaki Koji and formed another band. Eventually these 2 groups merged and the real Anzen Chitai was formed!!

    2) Takezawa Yutaka began learning & playing guitar around the 5th elementary grade when he heard the song "Hey Jude" from the Beatles.

    3) For Anzen Chitai debut album "Remember to Remember", the words 'Ore' and 'Omae' are used to designate 'I' and 'You'. These 2 forms of pronouns are inferior description. (better translation..?) 'Boku' and 'Anata' are used beginning in the next album.

    4) During the recording of 'Return to Forever' in 'Remember to Remember', it was said that Yahagi Wataru had a temperature of 39 degrees Celcius (or 102.2 Fahrenheit)..!!!

    5) ...Futari... (song by Matsui Goro, music by Tamaki Koji) Highlight of this song is the close and beautiful duet of two acoustic guitars playing an arpeggio. To bring out the guitar sounds, almost all other instruments have a lower volume.

    6)The picture setting inside the booklet from Anzen Chitai V was taken in Furusato Mura in Chiba Prefecture.

    7) In 'Kioku no Mori', the idea of the opening piano solo was from the brother of Takezawa Yutaka, the guitarist of Anchi.

    8) Yahagi Wataru, the guitarist wearing glasses, is actually wearing contact lenses with a pair of glasses of no prescription on the lens!!!!


    1) Before Anzen Chitai released their first album, do you know for which singer Anzen Chitai was playing the backup band..?

  • Inoue Yousui. In fact he is still singing nowadays! During the backup band time, Koji Tamaki is the chorus member and the other Anchi members are playing the same instruments as usual. That's why in 1986 the joint concert of Anzen Chitai & Inoue Yousui was called "Stardust Rendez-vous" -- (reunion).
  • 100% of returning answers were right!!! YES!

    2) What was the name of Anzen Chitai fan club, and from what song and album this name was originated from?

  • Big Joke, the 7th song from Anzen Chitai 1st album, "Remember to Remember".
  • 83% of returning answers were right!

    3) Which one-and-only instrumental song from Anzen Chitai was used for the theme song of the TV weather broadcasting program..?

  • Yuugure, which is an guitar instrumental song written by Takezawa Yutaka in Anzen Chitai V.
  • 67% of returning answers were right. One said not sure.

    4) Which song and from what album featured the first-time guitar involvment during recording from Tamaki Koji? (Hints: From Anzen Chitai V)

  • It's actually "Tenshi no Akubi" from Anzen Chitai V. You can notice that the guitar playing style is unique and different from the rest of the other songs and this part is performed by Tamaki Koji!
  • 33% of returning answers got this one right.

    5) Everyone knows that Anzen Chitai V features 36 great songs....Do you know how many songs did Tamaki Koji compose in total for this project? What about for 'Anzen Chitai VI - Tsuki ni Nureta Futari'..?

  • I don't know if my question is not clear or not but I am trying to hint something...Anzen Chitai V is a very unique project from the band. Tamaki Koji had the mind of doing this during the recording of Anzen Chitai VI, and given the fact when an album with 10 songs is released, it is common to have more than 10 songs from the composer and the entire crew with the producer select the best 10 songs for the album. So Tamaki Koji actually wrote around 100 songs for this project and they picked around 1/3 of the total, which is 36!
  • Remember after the release of Anzen Chitai V in late 1986, there was no album released in 1987 (only 2 singles) and the next album, Anzen Chitai VI - Tsuki ni Nureta Futari was released in early 1988. Anchi members including Tamaki Koji were engaged in solo. However they were still working together and were producing the 6th album in a slower rate. However, it's amazed for me to find out that Tamaki Koji wrote almost 200 songs during this 'empty period of 1987' and then the band chose 10 songs for Anzen Chitai VI!!!! I believe Tamaki was thinking of making yet a 2nd project with similar number of songs in Anzen Chitai V...!!
  • I understand that no one got this right but one member got really close.

    Tamki Koji

    Straight Fact

    1)Hey, Hey! ...used as a CM song for Kyowa Hakkou... Koji loves to use the phrase "Very good", and this song also uses his favorite phrases throughtout, especially the ending.

    2)SPECIAL ...reminds of Phil Collins' version of "You can't hurry Love" with a similar rhythmic is about going to the carnival, with all those fun stuff (i.e. merry-go-round, Ferris wheel,etc)...sounds somewhat related to "Parade ga yattekuru" (from Anchi V).

    3) Honeybee ...sexually explicit song...somewhat related to "Ecstasy" in that sense...3 additional singers contribute to this song's eroticism...definitely not a song you want to sing in front of public,especially in front of Japanese... ;-)

    Quesionnaire 1)In the song 'Nishitou Gozen Rokuji han' from album 'Karinto Kouba no Entotsu no Ueni', who is the female that sang with Koji Tamaki?

    (Hint: Think of the nature of that album!)

  • It's his wife, Yakushimaru Hiroko. This album is about his family and homeland, Asahikawa. The song "Kazoku" involves the work from Koji's parents as chorus and his elder brother to play the percussion! Koji's wife Hiroko was also featured in the album in this nice duet song. However, I couldn't find her wife's name in 'credits' but only his brother and his parents......hmm.....
  • 50% of returning answers were right.

  • This concludes the 2nd questionnaire held in the Anzen Chitai mailing list. Thank you all of you for the particpation and feedbacks/discussions are welcome.

  • By the way, one more question for you...! (I think I am getting addicted to making questions....!!!)

  • Do you know what is the song that the band usually used to play (song run in tapes) at the beginning of the concert tour before the members came out?


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