Ms. Estrelle Guzman

nickname: Mother Guz

age: 37

birthday: December 12

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius


  • Grade School: St. Louis Center, Baguio
  • High School: St. Louis Center, Baguio
  • College: St. Louis University, Baguio (Education Major in Math, Minor in English)
  • Post Grad: MA in Education Major in Measurement and Evaluation

Favorite Foods: ice cream and chocolates

Ms. Guzman’s childhood dream was to become a teacher although her relatives wanted her to be somebody else. She experienced a lot of discouragements at first, but she pursued what made her happy. Ms. Guzman teaches us Trigonometry, among other things like praying well, doing our best and studying hard. Her weakness in speaking Filipino is covered up by her skills in teaching Math, dancing well and in singing like a pro. We are blessed for having Ms. Guzman as our second mother and we, her equally beautiful children, would always love her and remember her love and support for us.

Ms. Guzman’s most unforgettable words: “People of the universe, ulitation na naman para maperfect natin…”