IV-2 is blessed with a lot of gifts and talents
Our happiness is completed by each one’s presence
Through the years, we’ve shared ourselves to one another
We went through a lot since we were together

Being united is our one desire
And we’ve perfected this through love’s fire
So here is our story, so rarely told
Read on as our memoirs unfold…

From three different sections, came II-2
We experienced pain as we started anew
We couldn’t forget our freshman classes
And this was the start of many clashes

Thank God we were given an angel as a teacher
She was Ms. Gino Cruz, our homeroom adviser
She did her best to reconcile our differences
That now we stand together in the face of challenges

Second year was the time of our interaction
To have more friends was its ultimate mission
We met II-E of LSGH on that affair
Experiences and talents, we all shared

So we joined together to sing in our Song Fest
This is where we practiced and did our best
“Lead Me, Lord” was our winning piece
With second place, we were proud and at ease!

Third year with Mrs. Castro was a bit more perplexing
More school tasks required long hours for studying
Still we managed to excel in our kabuki
And made living more enjoyable with Chem-Chem Chemistry

Now in our last year as a class in STC
IV-2 remains to be talented and happy
United and strong, we balance study and fun
We thank God for in His goodness, he’s never outdone

Blessed with a mother who is equally beautiful
Ms. Guzman makes our life easy and wonderful
Mr. Zaraspe also is an asset to our class
Though he doesn’t say it, he loves us so much

In Senior year, IV-2 proves to be a winner
As we finished 3rd in our Dance Pro together
And our recent achievement is the Parol Making Contest
With peanuts and gugo, our star is the best

We know life would never be the same after Fourth Year
We would miss our teachers and classmates so dear
But we’ll continue to be the best and move on without a tear
For we know that our hearts would always remain here.

Thank you Ms. Guzman and Mr. Zaraspe
For making our short stay meaningful and happy
But dear classmates, I thank you especially
For making me a part of this great and happy family.

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