Panthera tigris
It is said that no two Tigers have the same pattern of stripes, in the same way that no two humans have the same fingerprints. Although a Tiger's stripes look colorful and bold, they actually help the animal hide, because the stripes blend in with the tall plants in its environment. There are several different races of Tigers, ranging from the small Bali race to the Siberian, the largest cat in the world. All Tigers are endangered and some of the races are likely extinct.
Look For: A very large, powerful wildcat with a striped coat. The coat varies from whitish to yellow to orange or orange-brown, and the stripes range from gray to brown to black.Related Species:

Length: Body 5-10' long, tail 24-36" long; 150-700 lb. Size varies greatly from location to location.

Habitat: Forests and swamps, with dense ground vegetation.

Range: Asia; India, China, Indonesia, Mongolia, Siberia


100 years ago there were 8 different kinds of tigers (subspecies) - there were over 100,000 wild tigers in the world. Today, there are only 5 tiger subspecies left and there are fewer than 7,000 wild tigers in the world. The main threats to tigers are poaching, loss of habitat, and population fragmentation.


The Majestic Tiger The Majestic Tiger






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