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Character Fanlistings:
General Fanlistings:
Fearless Leader - The Bankotsu Fanlisting (InuYasha)
Daring Beauty - The Higurashi Kagome Physical Fanlisting (InuYasha)
Kissu no Jutsu - The Suzaku of the Flower Fanlisting (InuYasha)
Strength and Valour - The Inu no Taishou Fanlisting (InuYasha)
For the Love of Lips - The Lip-Guy Fanlisting (InuYasha)
Aphrodisiac Antidote- The Kusuri Uri Fan
Deadly Haircut - The Yura Fanlisting (InuYasha)
Mistress of the Skies - The Abi-Hime Fanlisting (InuYasha)
Pure Poison - The Gatenmaru Fanlisting (InuYasha)
China Silk - The Menoumaru Fanlisting (InuYasha)
Shark Bite - The Hoshigaki Kisame Fanlisting (Naruto)
Legendary - The Shichinin-tai Fanlisting (InuYasha)
On Stage! - The "Jigoku de Matteta Shichinin-tai" CD Drama Fanlisting (InuYasha)
Stop and Smell the Roses - The House da House Doujinshi Fanlisting (InuYasha)
Get Wild! - The Abarero Character Single Fanlisting (InuYasha)
Just One Promise - The Tatta Hitotsu no Yakusoku Character Single Fanlisting (InuYasha)
Relationship Fanlistings:
Undying Devotion - The Jakotsu x Bankotsu Fanlisting (InuYasha)
Living on Borrowed Time - The Suikotsu x Kikyou Fanlisting (InuYasha)
Moonlight Rainbow - The Kouga x Ayame Fanlisting (InuYasha)
Unfading Memories - The Hoshiyomi x Tsukiyomi Fanlisting (InuYasha)
Forevermore - The Mana x Yuta Fanlisting (Mermaid Saga)
Bonds of Love - The Kira x Lacus x Athrun Fanlisting (Gundam Seed)