Chemistry of Carbon



1. The atom which composes the most compounds is ______

2. The atomic number of carbon is ____.

3. Carbon has ____ valence electrons.

4. ____________ are compounds composed of carbon and hydrogen.

5. ________ is table sugar

6. _____________ are compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

7. ________ are compounds having the same molecular formulas, but different structural formulas.

8. The ______ series has a carbon backbone where the carbons have only single covalent bonds.

9. The _____ series are hydrocarbons having at least one double bond between the carbon atoms, and all have endings of "ene"

10. A _________ group is an atom or group of atoms that replace one or more hydrogens in a hydrocarbon.

11. _________ is the carbohydrate used by both plants and animals for energy.

12. ________ are polymers of amino acids.

13. _____ is another name for lipids.

14. ______ _______ is an isomer of butane.

15. _______ is drinking alcohol.

16. ________ is a gas often used by welders.

17. ________ is how plants store glucose.

18. ________ is how animals store glucose.

19. Give the molecular formula for each of the following:

a. methane b. ethane c. propane d. butane

e. pentane f. hexane g. heptane h. octane

i. nonane j. decane

20. The chemistry of carbon is referred to as _______ chemistry.

21. Name the two carbon compounds which are not organic.

22. Hydrocarbons with 1-5 carbons on their backbone are _________.

23. Hydrocarbons with 6-20 carbons on their backbone are_________.

24. Hydrocarbons with more than 20 carbons on their backbone are


25. _____________ formulas show the number and kind of atoms which form a molecule.

26. _____________ formulas show how the atoms are arranged in a molecule.

Chemistry of Carbon Notes