Electricity Study Sheet



1. ___________ means "glowing with intense heat?"

2. _________ ________ are devices which convert electric energy to the energy of motion?

3. A _______ ______ produces current when light strikes it.

4. A ___________ produces current because of the contact of two metals at different temperatures.

5. ___________ involves the conversion of the potential energy of falling water to electric energy.

6. A ________-_______ ________ raises voltage.

7. The burning of _____ ______ provides most of the energy for generating electricity today.

8. __________ _________ have a high resistance, but do not melt at high temperatures.

9. A ___________ consists of two separate coils of wire that are wound on the same piece of iron.

10. Some crystals, such as quartz, produce a flow of electrons when they are ________________________________.

11. The prefix ________ comes from the Greek word for water.

12. Thermocouples are often used as ________ ________ in furnaces.

13. __________, _________ and _________ are three elements which release electrons when light shines on them.

14. The resistance of a conductor _________ with increasing length.

15. The resistance of a conductor _________ with increasing thickness.

16. If the primary coil has 4 turns and the secondary coil has 20 turns, answer the following questions:

A. Is this a step-up or step-down transformer?

B. If the voltage drop in the primary coil is 10 volts, what will the voltage be in the secondary coil?

C. If the voltage in the secondary coil is 100 volts, what is the voltage drop in the primary coil?

17. __________ is any non-conducting material, such as plastic or rubber.

18. Why must underground power lines be surrounded by heavy insulation?

Electricity Notes