On October 25th, 1997, Clive Barker's A-Z of Horror was broadcast on BBC2.
A section of this program was devoted to Halloween, John Carpenter's
breakthrough movie. This text document accompanies an audio sampling of this
article, which runs for approx. 10 mins. The article is a real audio file, sampled at 8KHz.
Use your Real Audio player to run the sample, after decompressing it from the ZIP archive
to your hard disk.
This document attempts to explain some of the visuals that accompany the sound.

Clive Barker: "Everybody wants....."

The A-Z Of Horror Theme Music Interlude

A series of travelogue shots of Haddonfield as it is today - 
(the buzzing sound in a lawn mower). The music over the top is Lou Reed
singing 'Perfect Day'.

John Carpenter: "After World...." - JC is wearing a V-neck jumper and baseball 
cap, he is sitting in a chair, in the sunshine.

More travelogue shots of Haddonfield in the sunshine. The Lou Reed song still playing.

JC: "A lot of..."

A small sample of the Halloween music interrupts JC.

JC: "Suburbia is..."

The Halloween theme music plays as we see even more travelogue shots of Haddonfield.

Debra Hill: "I think..." - DH is the producer of Halloween and co-wrote the script 
with JC. She is walking down a street in Haddonfield, in glorious sunshine.

JC: "Small town..."

We see a shot from Halloween. JC: "This panaglide..." talks over a smooth tracking 
shot of Laurie Strode leaving her school, carrying school books.

JC: "Then as..."

Another shot from Halloween, this one of Laurie Strode standing sobbing by a doorway. 
The mask of Micheal Myers slowly fades into the doorway. She screams as she falls 
down the stairs...

JC: "And if..."

This shot from Halloween is of Micheal Myers chasing Laurie Strode down the street. 
Over the top of this is JC's commentary "Constantly..."

JC: "I've always..."

More travelogue shots of suburbia.

We now see Kaity Praidhill: "This is my..." - KP is a reporter with a local newspaper, 
she is driving a car as she gives her interview.

JC: "We were..."

We now see shots of Haddonfield today in the dark - JC: "Normalcy can be..." - 
more music from Halloween plays. 

KP: "When I..."

More shots of Haddonfield in the dark, smooth tracking shots using the steadicam, 
very similar to Halloween.

JC: "There was..."

More panaglide shots of the neighbourhood, this time in the day.

DH: "This is..."

This DH comment is given over the top of a scene in Halloween where Laurie Strode is 
running down the street, trying to get help from a nearby house.

DH: "...and the role..."

This clip from Halloween is of Dr. Loomis and Sheriff Brackett outside the Myers House.

KP: "I remember..."

DH: "It seems to me..."

JC: "Nowadays violence..."

That is the end of the article. This is copyrighted by the BBC and is in no way 
intended to infringe that copyright. It is distributed freely without the 
intention of making any profit. This is not for re-sale, either separately 
or as part of a package.

Available at the John Carpenter Web Page - http://vlsi2.elsy.cf.ac.uk/bright/frames.html

    Source: geocities.com/j_nada/carp/interview

               ( geocities.com/j_nada/carp)                   ( geocities.com/j_nada)