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January 1, 2009 - Welcome to my newly revamped website!  As you may have noticed, I've simplified my web site so that you can download my software directly from the homepage.  Within the next few months my plans involve making most of my programs, short stories and music available for download.

Thus far the programs I've written have been Internet Surfer and the newly released QuickChange.  Internet Surfer is an alternative web browser which allows a user to navigate to multiple sites.  QuickChange allows Windows 2000 and XP users to change their resolutions on the fly via a user-friendly taskbar icon.

I've also taken the time to write a few short stories which I now feel are ready for publication.

Finally, a few years back a number of songs I had written were published on MP3.com.  I will take the liberty to re-publish them here as time permits.

All in all there are exciting times ahead for this site and I hope you enjoy coming here often.

By the way, if you haven't already done so, check out MeganFollows.com--I'm the administrator to that site and the lead programmer.

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